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There is a chance this will get a bit ramble-y because sometimes that is in my nature and I am not joking when I say that I have thought about the word ramble a lot recently. As well as applying to some of my blog posts it also relates to walking and that is something I do a lot. And also something I have a strong desire to do a bit more. I honestly have this strong urge to just plug in my iPod and walk for agggeeeeessssss, but then on the different side of that coin, I am kinda hella lazy sometimes and prone to getting bored a bit easily so walking for that long also doesn’t seem like a great idea. I can pinpoint where the urge for this has come from though. The reappearance of the sun. I shucked off the jacket, gratefully accepted ice in my coffee (I don’t necessarily abide the seasons for this, it just happened like that this year) and welcomed the sun rays on my face this week and started taking a more scenic route for my walk home just to see the sun glare off the river and the ducks glide through the water and with the bonus of seeing flowers blossom and the ground being painted with red and pink petals that couldn’t resist the pull of the wind.

In other news, I caved and bought new books because I am weak and have minimal willpower (the same also applies to boots, the past few weeks alone I have added 3 new beautiful pair of black boots to my collection, thank you New Look and your sales).

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It mainly spawned out of a deep desire to figure out my opinion on Bukowski and I cannot do that with one book (which I still can’t figure out my opinion on and it’s been like 5 days since I finished it, but I will review that in a few weeks), but then I turned around in Waterstones and there was a pile of The Rosie Effect nestled on the table and I loved the first one so much I kind of couldn’t resist it. It’s kind of low down on my to read list because there are others on my list (like the whole of this reading challenge is, in theory, above it). But for now I plan to not buy anymore new books until I make my way through the ones that I own…(I should avoid Waterstones until further notice to resist temptation though).

In other, other news I actually did commit to Camp Nano this month and it’s fine. Mainly because I am going down the revision route for it as opposed to the create a new world to play in one. The reason for that is because I can’t think of a new place to play and also it turns out that the world (have I said that word enough in this paragraph…) in which my Snapshot Series exists has 29 (30 now actually, I wrote a new one at some point last week) short story things in it, most of which have gone through a first edit and a lot of them that I had forgotten I had even written. So I am working on typing them all up and figuring out how I want the chronology to work, if I want it to be chronological at all, and actually timeline-ing the whole thing, because apparently I haven’t put much thought into that until now. It’s kind of funny how I can’t even look at my Nano novel still really because it sends me a bit stir crazy but I can keep coming back to these characters quite happily since December, but I guess that is mainly because a 4 month period is very, very different to 30 days and a 50,000 word count to reach.

So that’s ticking along this month along with the sun, reading, drinking coffee (it would appear that I am never gonna stop talking about that somehow, sorry), eating M&Ms (dark chocolate peanut and plain ones, why don’t exist here? I love you so much) and applying for jobs and such.

Parentheses count: 9. See you on Wednesday!

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