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The Prelude

Hi, Hey, Hello!

I have been umming and ahhing about whether or not I was going to do Letters to Autumn this year. It’s a daily commitment at a time where I just dropped a daily posting schedule. I found last year’s kind of really hard for most of the month, that kind of showed looking back and I wasn’t really proud of it.

so, I had kind of written it off as not happening.

Then while I was waiting for my toast to pop last Thursday something clicked in my brain and it went ‘okay. so we’re doing this’.

And I am. Doing it again.

Because I felt some kind of compulsion to do so. The compulsion primarily came from the fact that November is coming (I’ve mentioned this already, I know) and with that is my favourite thing to attempt (and to be honest usually fail) is incoming. So writing every day again will help me get back into the habit of doing so. And I cam choosing to ignore at the moment that the rolling word count is not my friend and is the thing that stresses me out the most each and every single November.

Also, another bonus of a while month of letters? It gives me a backlog of my go to post when all things fail. Book reviews.

I’m kind of hoping that October will be a good reading month because I’ve got some time off and a bunch of books that I’m excited to read will enter my life (all those pre-orders are coming to bite me on the ass). So I’m hopeful that if I know I’ve got a good bunch of posts to draw from I can actually get my act together in terms of blogging so I don’t have to worry about writing that content during November on top of the whole writing a novel thing. Plus, writing updates are in themselves kind of fun for me to write

So that’s October. Which scarily starts in a week now…

The return of the letters.

We’re doing this.

Parentheses count: 3. See you tomorrow!

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