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The Problem with Choice

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Fair warning, this post is honestly borderline complaining about nothing of any importance…

The other day I was sat staring at my Netflix homepage in a sort of haze just because I couldn’t figure out what to watch and I was shutting down at all the possibilities available to me.

I sort of didn’t really know how to approach it at all and then I looked at my ‘continue watching’ list and realised that I am currently watching 7 different shows. Two are re-watches, but I’m in the middle of watching 5 new shows. For no real reason. And then there is ‘My List’ which opens itself up to a whole other array of issues, in that it is about 75% films that I don’t have it in me to sit through and then the rest is just really long series’ that I keep meaning to watch and then never getting around to doing so because I have so many other things that I am already watching. And that’s just the other things that I am watching on Netflix. Take into consideration Sky Go and Amazon Prime and then the list just gets longer. And I get mildly stressed about nothing.

And then on Saturday night out of nowhere I had this thought that maybe I would start doing this thing again where I just watch one show at a time. For one, it means that I will actually remember what the hell is going in one show and not somehow get it confused it with something else and start merging story lines together, which I have done recently. And also it eliminates the element of choice.

It basically means that I will finish shows a lot quicker than I currently do because I just jump between them and then nothing gets done. And in doing that I will also actually start crossing shows off my damn list and that creates the illusion of productivity and lets be honest, that is really what I’m in it for. I love anything that creates that illusion.

But in thinking about this new approach in theory I have now created this new (and ridiculous problem). Which show do I start with? You’d think that I would just start with the ones that I’m watching, and I’m considering that. But also, I am in the middle of watching so many things right now I don’t know where to even start with that. Do I start with the ones that are furthest from the end or the ones that are closest? Do I start with the ones that have actually officially concluded in all forms and so there won’t be any added on at any point and I can cross them off for good? How do I pick my next one after that? The ones with the least amount of seasons or the fewest?

Thinking about this it may not actually be a good idea, or one that will even work because it’s come with it a whole list of different questions and decisions to make.

Ugh. I guess I’ll just start with Teen Wolf and see where I end up after that.

Parentheses count: 1. See you tomorrow!

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