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This seems like an oddly timely post right now given that today (Monday…night technically as I write this but that’s a small point) felt distinctly spring like, I shucked the hoodie and the scarf for a bit, wore a blue floral shirt, got to wear my sunglasses and feel the sun on my face. The change of season is slowly starting to trickle its way into London and I’m not all that bad about it, which is weird because I am a winter baby through and through…

Anyway, in keeping with that theme of spring and change and all that jazz I’ve decided to be a massive cliche. The fact that this is happening now is mainly because I have been putting it off for so long because the mere thought of it fills me trepidation. Basically I am going to do some huge life admin, and by that I mean I am going to streamline the hell out of my wardrobe.

I spend far too much time right now shifting huge piles of clothes to find the very specific item of black clothing that I am looking for and in the process I find things that I had actually forgotten I owned. I also have far too much stuff in there that I impulse bought and then either wore once, or just never wore again. I have way too many fancy out out clothes for someone who knows how to dress up almost anything that I already own and wear on a regular basis and also someone who hasn’t been out out in nearly 3 years…

I need to go through it all and figure out what just has to be thrown away, what can be donated and what I want to keep. And it true new season cliche fashion now seems like the perfect time to do that. I mean I’m not gonna store away all my beloved winter knitwear or anything, because I live in London and you can go through all the seasons in the space of 20 minutes here, so being departed from them is actually a terrible idea. But I am going to organise them and decide if I really need them all, and also get rid of some of the Christmas jumpers that I own (seriously it happens once a year and I can only wear these jumpers then, and yet I own an excessive amount of these jumpers). I’m going to organise all my denim wear so I know where it all is and actually get some awareness of where all my t-shirts are. And all my gym wear. And I’m maybe gonna get better at hanging stuff up, I own a lot of shirts and have an aversion to the iron (or more accurately a lack of time in the time between me deciding what I am going to wear for the day and me leaving the house) that should be hung up to avoid creases and all that jazz. I need to sort the hell out of my underwear drawer (and also do a shit ton of hand washing…).

The more I talk about what I want to do, the more I realise that a) this can’t happen until I sort of the storage situation in my room (another reason that I’ve been putting it off for so long) and that b) this task won’t be quick. Especially when you take into consideration that I am massive procrastinator…nothing about this bodes well. It’s gonna take a full weekend. But the thought of spending a whole weekend doing that sounds so unappealing…I just wanna sleep all weekend and catch up on my shows, and sleep.

But nonetheless, this is something that I must do because I am currently wasting far too much time just moving piles of clothes from one place to another and then back again.

And then once that is done I can apply it to some other areas of my life that might need a bit of decluttering. I’ve already done it with my books. And by that I mean I moved all the books that I have already read this year that were just hanging around downstairs (all 16 of them) and moved them upstairs and then promptly collected all the books that I am due to read for the rest of the year into place. Seeing them all piled up together in one place isn’t actually as stressful as I thought it would be to be honest. And I really need to tidy up the pages on this blog, they all need updating bad. I was gonna do it last week, but I then decided it would be totally blog free and that just didn’t happen.

But yeah, basically I am just slowly falling into that lull of spring time being the perfect time to just get some decluttering done.

And I’m gonna actually start doing it this weekend. I’m thinking baby steps might be the best way to start with this. Super small baby steps, because I’m also busy on Saturday so it’s most likely going to start on Sunday.

Honestly, such a procrastinator.

Parentheses count: 6. See you tomorrow!

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