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The title seems self explanatory I feel. I mentioned in this post at the beginning of the year that I need maybe cut down on the amount of ice cream and M&Ms I eat and up the 65% healthy eating thing I have to more like 75/80% and well just as the months changed from January to February (conveniently after my birthday where I ate the whole front end of a Colin the Caterpillar cake, face and all) I decided to try and cut down on the sugar actively.

It’s going mostly okay for the time being. I’m trying to go for 5/6 days off it and then 1/2 days where I ‘allow’ it. Thursdays are currently my definite treat day because le madre still drops a little ‘it’s almost the end of the week’ treat in my bag and I am not giving that up. It also breaks up the week quite nicely. And then the weekend can kind of go either way. Sometimes I just really randomly want an iced caramel macchiato (it’s always iced, even in winter, I still for some reason always want it on ice) and as I discovered over the weekend a hot chocolate. Which I am taking as a sign that this artificial sugar thing runs deeper than I thought, because I almost never consume hot chocolate. And yeah, sometimes I still massively just want ice cream, I was sat waiting for R yesterday before we went to see Newsies outside of the Ben and Jerry’s stand and the craving was real (made no easier by the fact that there are people in my life who tell me to ‘just go for things’, I am weak, I don’t need that kind of encouragement and then I went and bought some shortbread on my way home to do something with this craving that was not leaving me alone).

But for the most part, I am doing okay with it. I can just sort of pass through the cravings and sometimes I substitute it with an apple, or some apricots. Or some nuts. I’ve got really good at substituting things when all I really want is to delve into the chocolate digestives in the office biscuit tin (which is a thing that exists in my office and gets replenished on a semi-regular (weekly) basis) that is behind me.

I’m not feeling the withdrawals the way that I thought I would and have done in the past when I try to give up sugar (the headaches have been insane in the past), but I think that’s because I’m not going cold turkey on sugar, I’m just trying to make it more naturally occurring sugars as opposed to eating all the M&Ms I can get my hands on. I guess in some ways I am feeling like I have a bit more energy but I also think that’s because I’m still regularly exercising and am sleeping quite well at the moment (sayyy whaaaaat to a weekend of 10 hours sleep per night??) and so all of that stuff is helping. My skin has also cleared up quite a bit (she says after a spot appears out of fucking nowhere on my forehead on Saturday) but I don’t really know if the two are linked or if my skin has just finally calmed down and is responding to my skin care routine. Either way that’s happening, so next step for that is dealing with the scarring…again.

There are still a couple of sticky points, like the fact that lemonade is my mixer of choice for my vodka so I have to try and get used to the taste of tonic water…so far that’s not going well. And also I need to work on the impulse buying of shortbread and shit because I know deep down that I can deal without it (like I know deep down I can do a one legged burpee, no matter how ridiculous that sounds) and that the feeling passes eventually. Or I go to bed. I should probably also look into making my own granola or something because so many people/articles tell me that they are hidden sugar demons and it’s currently the only thing I want to eat for breakfast…

I’m also going to remember that I don’t have to be totally crazy about it and that the chocolate croissant (which I have just been hit with a craving for…as well as scones, cream and jam, which is super duper random) isn’t going to be the end of the world. That magic word ‘moderation’ is out in full force in my life these days.

And that’s it basically. I am mostly sugar free and not totally hating but still very much wanting to bathe in all of the Cookie S’wich Up Ben and Jerry’s I can find…

Parentheses count: 10. See you tomorrow!

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  • shaunkellett

    Way to go! I can only imagine how hard this is, I’m pretty addicted to sugar myself… Trying to cut down is one thing, but having complete days without is impressive! Keep it up 🙂

  • Tabby

    It’s definitely impressive to stay off sugar most of the week. I don’t think I could do it. I mean, I cut down and try to watch how much I have each day, but what you’re doing is much harder! Great job! 🙂

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