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The Thing

It’s pretty inconspicuous in the grand scheme of things. I mean you wouldn’t even notice it if you were just to walk into the room. It’s relatively hidden actually.

But it’s important. By gosh is it important. Not in any legitimate sense of the word. It’s not going to save anything or anyone, but it would be saved in a fire by at least one of them. It’s hard to explain why it even holds any importance but if you asked they would both try to do so.

It first appeared out of nowhere. Almost quite literally. One moment it wasn’t there and the next it was. Presented as a joke to try and crack a smile across a face that was threatened by tears. Used to break the tension and put something right in the world. Our at least in their world.

It was slipped into a pocket because the reaction that it caused was something that needed to be repeated in times of need.

The second time it came up was months later when they were packing things up from the flat into boxes so that it could be loaded into a van and dropped off at the new house. They were being ruthless. Nothing that was really needed from the flat couldn’t go. They would build their house together from the bottom as it were. It shouldn’t have made the cut. But somehow it ended up accidentally slipping into a box and making it’s way into the house. Into one of the boxes that took forever to eventually be unpacked again in the house.

When the box was finally opened, it brought a smile over faces once again. It was gently plucked from fingertips and tucked away in a corner of the living room without comment, where it stayed.

It somehow became an object that became weirdly symbolic of something. What neither of them could really tell you. All they could tell you was that when something felt it was really getting them down and like they were up against it that they could just look at the corner of the room and something would settle in them. Not for any of the big stuff, but for the small stuff it seemed to work.

It was the one thing that never seemed to change about the room. Through 3 redecorations of the room it never really moved. The table it rested on did, but where it was in the room never did. Neither of them would tell you why they treated this particular object like it was a rare artefact that needed to be cared for under all costs. The truth is it was found on a beach by pure chance. But it means more to them then anyone will ever understand. For some weird reason though if they were to lose it something would shift in their world.

Not necessarily shift for the worst, but it would shift in some way that they were never really willing to find out.

So it stays there. Tucked away. Out of sight, but not out of mind.

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