The Wanderlust Problem

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Merry Tuesday you wonderful lot!

Now, I have a bit of a problem. One that I have definitely addressed and alluded to multiple times on this blog (look to the right in my little About Me section on this very page and you will see it clearly).

The problem is as follows: I have a serious Wanderlust problem.

It started off pretty small, just thinking of the list of places that I want to go and that list has reached a pretty lengthy state. An excessively lengthy state. Just too long. It’s too long and ever growing.

Now the list on it’s own was fine. I have had the list for about 7 years (I had to think about that number longer than I probably should have, perils of forgetting that you just had a birthday). The list is fine, it is a part of the seam of my life. But the problem has manifested itself in a bigger fashion.

I have moved on to researching and actually figuring out all the logistics of holidays.

SEVERAL holidays.

It started when I was flipping through the end of Glamour magazine in those weird nothing days between Christmas and New Year and AirB&B was mentioned. So naturally because I was bored af I checked it out. And then proceeded to narrow down my search to particular cities/places that I want to go. And then I entered random dates sometime in the summer…and you see where this is going right.

Long story short, in this instance, I figured out the total cost of an 8 day trip in the middle of August (which is actually a terrible time to go anywhere holiday wise) to Hawaii for me and R. It involved being near the beach and have an ocean view and when I plan holidays that aren’t gonna happen I go hard.

And then I closed the tab and pretty much thought nothing of it for a while (and I ignored the fact that I legit downloaded the AirB&B app…I had just got a new phone I downloaded a lot of random apps. Let’s pretend that I haven’t culled most of the unnecessary, pointless downloads except that one as well mmmmkay, cool thanks).

Except that one quiet lunch break where I was too lazy to walk through to the kitchen (which is odd given that I had just walked into the office and would simply of had to keep moving forward to get there…) I ended up looking at all inclusive holidays to Gran Canaria (not in August this time, I realised the error of my end of year ways). The pain that caused was real. There were pools and cocktails and ocean views and sun and the sand. It was the perfect holiday that I am not going on anytime soon. Made all the sadder by the fact that I was doing this in the middle of January, it was finally cold and probably wet and windy.

But whatever, I got over it. Kinda. I mean I still looked wistfully at pictures of the ocean and white, sandy beaches on Tumblr and dreamt of the Caribbean, but that was just the usual to be honest. I mean who doesn’t want to be on a beach in Fiji when it’s dark at 4pm (two things, one I know Fiji isn’t in the Caribbean and two I noticed this week that is now closer to 5pm when the skies turn their bluey purple colour, soooo spring is coming)?

And who doesn’t want to travel to Belgium for £58 return on a train? Or return to Paris just for the pastry and coffee (and ya know almost everything else)? And know just how much that trip to LA might actually cost? Or the one back to New York? Or to go to DisneyWorld Orlando? Or, again, the train to DisneyLand Paris? And have an estimate as to how much it would cost to go to Bali? Or the Maldives? Or that country wide trip around Italy?

That’s all normal and totally doesn’t create a minor sense of disappointment when the tab is closed and those dreams of holiday life are greeted very harshly by rush hours trains and yawning more often than not and spending Thursdays thinking it’s Friday (still on this one).

Not at all.

So, the Wanderlust problem is getting worse. And I can’t quite figure out if I am mad about it or am just gonna continue to add fuel to the fire.

(Let’s be honest, I am totally doing the latter)

What about you? Do any of you spend hours procrastinating (because that is ultimately what it is) your time away with fantasy holidays? Or is that just me?

Parentheses count: 11. See you tomorrow!

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