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Things You’d Like to Improve on Your Blog

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Two more reflective little blogs are acoming, including this one. But the second, and last, one won’t come until Monday because that is the way the blog schedule has worked. Today I am gonna be talking a little bit about the things that I would like to improve on my blog.

First of all I kind of need to get better at sharing my posts on social media and maybe stop ignoring Facebook. Or more likely to happen, just utilise the ones that I do give a shit about a bit better. I am not awful at it, but I could probably be better.

Secondly I need to do some more work on the look and feel of this blog. Featured images are 100% a thing that I need to work on. And in doing that I also have to make a decision about whether or not I want to add featured images to the posts that already exist on this blog…which as of today now amounts to 301 posts. Which sounds like an insanely huge task, and I know that the longer that I spend thinking about it and what I want them to look at I am creating a bigger number of backdated ‘image free’ posts. So I need to make a decision on that sharpish. I also need to utilise all my old pictures and add things like captions and stuff to them. I have been doing that a lot more recently which is useful and I am not a too concerned about taking on that second task. The first one is instilling fear in me.

Another thing that I really need to do is tighten up my editing of posts. They go through about 3 edits most of the time and it turns out that is not enough. I write them the night before (usually, sometimes I get super organised and get most of that shit done on a Sunday) and then just push schedule and wait until I see it being posted the following day. Then typically I give it another read through before I re-share it later in the day and I catch far more issues than I would like (this happened with that Alive based post last week). So I need to tighten that up a lot. The problem with that is that I risk over editing it, I can keep picking issues at things until it ceases to exist anymore which defeats the purpose of having a blog. So I also need to find the balance between the two.

And finally, which is something that I have definitely been getting better at this year (evidenced by the fact that I have two diaries/planners dedicated to dates and a blog schedule) and that is being organised. I need to be able to see what I have planned for myself and maybe in doing so I will then avoid falling into a writer’s rut, (so I can avoid those two weeks that happened in January where everything was just below par). I am currently blog scheduled up for most of March and all of April (and the rest of this month) so I am doing well so far. I mean that is also terrifying, but it is reassuring to know that I have things planned.

I am sure there are other things that I could probably improve on here, but it’s all about baby steps and these are my current baby steps.

Parentheses count: 5. See you tomorrow!

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  • ghostmmnc

    I sympathize with you about going back over older posts to fix pictures, etc. It seems overwhelming, and I should do that too. So many things to think about when you do blogging! I’m not good at organizing anything, but you do seem to have a handle on it, with your scheduling and calendars. I keep saying I’ll do it …tomorrow…haha! 🙂 Good luck with your blogging plans!

    • Sophie

      Thank you so much! And yeah, the task seems a bit overwhelming, but one I will tackle one day. Good luck with your plans! x

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