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I have a theory, proven only by the way I personally feel on a weekly basis, although who knows maybe there are some of you who feel the same. My theory is this: Thursdays are the worst day of the week.

Mondays suck because for two blissful days there was no commitment to sitting behind a desk.

Tuesdays are better because, well basically, they’re not Mondays.

Wednesdays have a big deal made of them because it’s the middle of the week and slumps are bound to happen (hump day and all that jazz).

Fridays are Fridays. That end of the week feeling is something that follows you all day and makes things a tad better.

Then the weekends are great. You have time (to mainly sleep and binge watch stuff if you’re me). Saturdays are these unplanned (largely) expanse to fill how you like. And Sundays (in my case) are the ultimate chill day. No movement necessary. The only time Sundays suck is when it creeps closer to midnight and I remember that I have to be awake in less than 8 hours. (I remain nocturnal. It won’t change. Why I don’t know. I’ve stopped seeing the sun come up thankfully, but sleep before 12:30 alludes me still.)

But Thursdays? Thursdays are the worst (I say this while writing this on a Thursday with heavy eyes because I still haven’t quite woken up in the last 4ish hours) (and this is also the case in a 4 day week, as I learnt this morning when I very nearly fell straight back asleep after I turned off my alarm…). Getting out of bed when the alarm goes off on a Thursday takes a bit longer for me to turn it off. It takes me much longer to go through the motions of getting ready. The urge to hit snooze for just five more minutes (of what exactly I don’t know, I’m already awake and finishing the lyrics to the song that serves as my alarm in my head, part of my brain is very active straight after blinking awake) (also I should mention I don’t have time to hit snooze, my alarm goes off at the last possible moment because sleep and I don’t spend enough time together and I need to make the most of it).

Then everything has that annoying it’s-almost-Friday-but-not-quite vibe to it. Sometimes you zone out and when you come to you have a euphoric feeling because IT’S FRIDAY!! and then reality catches up with you. And no, it’s still very much Thursday. One day more until you can think in exclamation marks.

Sometimes you find yourself, maybe accidentally, starting to live for the weekend (this whole thing may make it seem like I actually do things on a Friday night or something. I don’t. I mostly scroll through Tumblr for too long, start another TV show on Netflix or for a little while watch any SNL clip that include Wiig, Hader, Armisen or Poheler, this one is my personal favourite for reasons I don’t quite know, but it causes tears of laughter almost every time).

While I’m on the subject, bad things (by bad I mean stressful) happen on Thursdays. GCSE and A Level results anyone? Thursdays caused me to burst into tears as I walked home once. It was 5 years ago now, but I’m still scarred, both by the fact that I failed an exam and the fact that I CRIED on a sunny day by a river as a man asked me how I did because there was an easy to identify brown envelope creasing in my hands and I lied to him (I actually didn’t really, I did fine in my other 3 AS levels, better than fine but all I could see was U, U, U, U). Funnily enough I retook that exam, did marginally better than I did the first time, which in itself was weird, but still got the same result and I wasn’t all that fussed because I had gotten into my uni of choice and very little could bring me down (so maybe not always bad things happen on a Thursday).

So basically, Thursdays suck the most out of the 7 days of the week if you ask me (which I know technically no one did, actually there is no technically about it I guess…), but they do bring you one day closer to no alarm…so they have their little perks.

Parentheses count: 14. See you tomorrow!

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