Top 10 Disney Songs

Top 10 Disney Songs

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Yeah, I am not really done posting every day yet, that’s how the months panned out (also kudos to people who do do that because I have learnt that I would probably burn out very, very quickly if I did). I spent a bit of time wondering how to ease out of that world, my first thought was music seems like a good palate cleanser. And then I decided that setting myself the almost IMPOSSIBLE task of picking my favourite Disney songs was the best playlist to compile. Who knows why? So here, on July 1st, is my attempt at that, although I guarantee that if you ask me again in a month, week, day, heck even moments after this has uploaded I will give you a slightly different Top 10 (I am a Disney kid through and through). But at the time I am writing this, it is my Top 10.

1) I Won’t Say I’m in Love – Hercules

This song holds a particular memory for me, which is why it opens this list. But having said that Megara is also my spirit animal (or I guess character). This song sums up why pretty much perfectly. Plus any song that features the Greek Chorus is a winner with me.

2) Beauty and the Beast – Beauty and the Beast

This is my favourite Disney film. No doubt. If only for the fact that he GIFTS HER A LIBRARY! But also for this song. This would be on my list all the time regardless of when you asked me to list them. Although I will admit, I am not necessarily a massive fan of the version that is in the scene. But Celine and Peabo, here for it. For forever and always.

3) God Help the Outcasts – The Hunchback of  Notre Dame

Firstly, this whole soundtrack (and the film itself to be honest because Frollo is Gaston levels of terrifying and Quasimodo needs to be appreciated more) is hugely underrated if you ask me, because it comes with some pretty damn good songs. Like this one. The main reason this song is the one that sticks in my mind the most from this film is because my best friend brought it back to my attention years ago (maybe actually only 2). It is beautiful. (And as side note it turns out a small part of me is still totally in love with Esmeralda).

4) Not One of Us – The Lion King 2

Generally speaking I am not a fan of Disney sequels, but this one I firmly believe is hugely underrated a la Hunchback. This scene is so goooooddddd (Kovu is my main lion, sorry Simba). And the song (a bonus is that is also has giraffes) that comes with it is one of my faves (obviously).

5) Almost There – The Princess and the Frog

Jazz soundtrack. Jazz soundtrack. This soundtrack is everythingggggg. My favourite song of the film. And also my mantra.

6) Gaston – Beauty and the Beast

Yes, I hate Gaston but a small part of me also admires his use of antlers in all of his decorating. And that’s it. That’s the whole reason this is here. Because the guy is arrogant enough to let everyone tell him why he is amazing through the medium of song and I find it hilarious (and also fun to sing along to).

7) Colours of the Wind – Pocahontas

I have been told many a time that toddler me was obsessed with this film. I mean adult me is as well. Another song that is pretty much always on my list because how could it not be.

8) I’ll Try – Peter Pan 2

Not gonna lie, I have actually never watched Peter Pan 2, but I heard this because it was on one of those ‘Now That’s What I Call Disney’ CDs and it stuck with me. It just reminded me one Christmas  (because that’s when it came into my life, I may or may not have commandeered the CD that was in actual fact my brother’s) of a lot of things that I probably needed reminding of. And maybe still do a little…

9) Reflection – Mulan

I mean…Christina Aguilera sung a song for a Disney film, was there ever any doubt that it was going to be on my list? Also it’s a beautiful song (and can we talk about how Mulan perfectly rubs off half her make up with her sleeve with no residue on it…goals…) so my bias (which yes I will admit to in some instances) isn’t totally ridiculous.

10) I’ll Make a Man Out of You – Mulan

Do you have a song that you tell yourself you won’t sing along to this time and then it starts and before you know it you’re giving it your all and having a right great time with it. This is one of those songs for me (and also Mr Brightside). And also bad ass Mulan (although there is no part where she is not a bad ass in this film) and Donny Osmond.

And there it is. My almost 100% accurate Top 10 Disney songs!

Parentheses count: 13. See you on Sunday!

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  • adeleinglasses

    As a Disney kid and now “adult”, I love this list but I don’t envy you having to put it together!! Beauty & the Beast is my fav. Disney movie too, I’ll definitely be playing that soundtrack at my future wedding… I like that you didn’t just pick the obvious ones too, there’s some hidden gems here!

    • Sophie

      I don’t know why I did it to myself! But I strangely enjoyed the almost impossible task! I have also definitely come up with a completely different top 10 since posting this haha! Glad you enjoyed it though x

  • MyLovingWife

    They’re pretty obvious to me but then I also am a disney kid. And I really love your list. Very admirable that you tried to keep it to 10. Not sure I could do that…
    Talking of jazz soundtrack: Jungle Book?? My fav by far is ‘want to be like you’ but ‘we’re your friends’ is an awesome quintet (the choir girl in me can’t help). And the French version of Treasure Planet’s title song is amazing. The Great Mouse Detective has a couple of good ones too. When She Loved Me from Toy Story 2 is soft and beautiful through and through…
    And Brother Bear’s No Way Out would probably be there too along with Kuzco’s groove song.

    God help the Outcast and Reflection would also totally be on my list. Maybe Savages from Pocahontas. And Bambi’s Little April Shower. I should watch Oliver again but I seem to recall there were some good songs.

    Hum… As I said probably impossible for me to shorten it down to 10 lol.

    • Sophie

      Oh wow yeah those are some great songs. Honestly The Jungle Book has never been one of my faves so I tend to forget the soundtrack for it but ‘Want to be Like You’ is great, but I did almost put ‘When She Loved Me’ on this list instead of ‘I’ll Try’ because it is such a beautiful song. I have seen Oliver relatively recently again and yeah there are some good songs there that I had forgotten about although they aren’t necessarily favourites of mine. And honestly I could put all the songs from Pocahontas on there but I narrowed it down to one for the sake of balance haha!

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