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Where has this week gone? Like it’s Thursday and I don’t know where the other three days of this week have disappeared to. Anyway, I’m gonna do something a tad different today and talk about technology.

More specifically Apps.

I got a new phone at the beginning of the year and given that my old phone had pretty much just given up on memory and was stripped down to the bare necessities app wise (first world problem, I know) so there was a whole wealth of possibilities open to me when I opened the box and all that jazz. I naturally went a bit overboard at first, so I had too many and then I purged and well these are some of the ones that stuck around.

1) Buzzfeed – I spend too much time taking quizzes on this app (arguably that was why I downloaded it). I don’t realise that I am spending so much time on here until I look at the time and am like shit there goes half an hour. Plus it’s a good place to get a general idea of what is happening in the world

2) Instagram – I feel like this is kinda obvious. I am on there almost daily. I scroll aimlessly all the time. It kills time. Pictures are great. I follow too many accounts that post pictures of food. I am basically hungry every time I click out and continue on with my life.

3) Candy Crush Jelly AND Soda – A new thing they have taken over my life it’s very annoying

4) BBC News – This is where I find out the rest of my information in the world and is a relatively new addition to my phone. It makes a nice, official sound when something breaking news-y happens. It feels important.

5) You – The feel good app apparently. All about being mindful about actions and life and quite useful at reminding you to just stop a little bit. I mean I think it works, when I remember to use it…

6) Timehop – Okay so admittedly I only look at this once half asleep on the way into work (yeah I remain half asleep until at least 10) and I cringe a little at anything I said longer than 2 years ago (and the fact that I overused exclamation marks, jeez those were dark days) and then carry on with my life and repeat it every day (the venue changes to my bed on weekends, still half asleep though).

7) Twitter – again, obviously. I use Twitter a lot, sometimes an annoying amount. And I sometimes do this thing where I ignore the twitter tab on my laptop and open it up on my phone just in case that is more interesting – funnily enough it never is…

And that’s pretty much it. Those are my Top 7 (weird number I know, just sort of ended up that way) apps.

What about yours? Do you have go-to apps? Let me know down below. 

Parentheses count: 7. See you on Saturday!

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