Top 'Musicals' Songs

Top ‘Musicals’ Songs – Act 2

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So all the way back in December I did my first edition of this. And I mentioned that I may do another edition because I listen to a lot of musical cast recordings, and that became even more the case at the beginning of the year when nothing was holding my attention except the wonderful creation that is the cast recording.

And this is that next installment. I am gonna try and keep it at 10 today, because that last one got a tad out of hand.

1) Proud of Your Boy – Aladdin

First of all I am super excited to go and see this show in May when it finally opens on the West End. And secondly I have fallen full on in love with the cast recording, with this being my stand out song (and I am also a big fan of the reprise). It’s so simple and beautiful and heartbreaking (and yeah I chose the Darren Criss version because I got distracted by it, but the point still stands).

2) If I Didn’t Believe in You – The Last Five Years

I love the whole soundtrack (and I guess plot…) for this show (although I watched the film and listen to that version because Jeremy Jordan and Anna Kendrick) and it was kind of hard to pick just one song, but this is the one I chose. I can’t pinpoint why, probably the vocals and maybe the lyrics.

3) Bad Idea – Waitress

This show has been on my radar since November but recently I had a resurgence of love for it. And this was the song that I gained a new appreciation for. It may be becoming my new fave from the show.

4) Dogfight – Dogfight

First of all, the first line of this song is everything. Actually the whole song, but that first verse in particular gives me life. And also the line ‘when you get thick skin then you’re quick to numb’.  Basically the lyrics in this song are incredible and I love Pasek and Paul very much for them.

5) Brotherhood of Man – How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying

I am mildly obsessed with the notion that J Pierrepoint Finch got to where he was with almost nothing but determination. And then also the choreography for this song is INSANE. I love it.

6) Revolting Children – Matilda

The real question is why do I love this song so much? I actually kinda forgot about it for a while until earlier this year when I had an epiphany about it and downloaded it and listened to it on repeat. This song is incredible in the show and that kinda translates onto the recording.

7) Stronger – Finding Neverland

I am very much here for this soundtrack. It’s amazing and Matt Morrison is fucking great. I try to do this thing where I just listen to a cast recording straight through, no skipping, no repeating. But I fail at it almost every time with this song, which I guess is a sign.

8) Friday Night, Jackson – Bring it On

I mentioned a couple of months ago that I am full on in love with this soundtrack and beyond the first song this is my fave song of the whole show. It sort of makes me want to dance and I like anything that makes me wanna do that (maybe a little inconvenient when I’m walking up the hill to the station).

9) Live in Living Colour – Catch Me If You Can

If Aaron Tveit is in the cast and doing his singing thing then you will find me there. For reals. Great opening track. And also Aaron Tveit.

10) Out There – The Hunchback of Notre Dame

I started with Disney and so I will close with Disney.

I don’t know how many times I am gonna say that this is the most underrated Disney score going, but I’m going to say it again now. It’s stupidly super underrated. And a cast recording of it came into my life a couple of months ago and it took me all of 15 seconds to remember that I am full on love with this score and it’s just so beautiful and dramatic and lyrically stunning. I just love it. And this is the one that I chose from it (there were two others that were very strong contenders).

And that is my second musicals related list done. There will most definitely be a third, it still seems like I haven’t even really scratched the surface with them.

Parentheses count: 6. See you tomorrow!

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