Top 'Musicals' Songs

Top ‘Musicals’ Songs


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Now I don’t know if you have guessed this about me, but I am a little bit obsessed with musical theatre. Give it all to me. I mean I can’t act, sing or dance (okay I can kinda do that last one) but I will devour Original Cast Recordings like it’s going out fashion. I fall in love with musicals even when I have next to no chance of ever seeing them (I’m looking at you Hamilton, which coincidentally won’t appear on this playlist one because 6 of those songs have already appeared on one playlist alone and two because I still don’t think I could just pick a couple more, I would go for most of the rest of soundtrack) and I can pretty much find a song from a musical to fit any mood. They inspire me at the most random of times, the meanings change to me depending on what is going on in my life, they are ALWAYS applicable to me in some way or another, they seem to do better at expressing feelings and emotions then other things (and yes, I mean other music sometimes).

Yeah, I love them very much a lot. So on this chilly (I imagine it’s still chilly I mean it was cold when I wrote this post, can’t see why it wouldn’t be as we creep further into the depths of winter) Wednesday afternoon I present to you a musicals special playlist. There are more than the usual 10 because when I started listing down a few of my faves I got to about 15 in less than three minutes and I couldn’t cut them down, nor was I finished with the list. So it’s how ever many the list got to when no more faves sprang to mind.

1) Take Me Or Leave Me – Rent – Look I am gonna be honest my love affair with Idina Menzel started because of Wicked but as a direct consequence of said love I was led to Rent. And this song (and Jesse L. Martin, but we’ll get to him later). This was the second song that I heard from this musical and probably at this moment in time my favourite from the show. Mainly because it is pretty much the only song from this musical that doesn’t make me want to curl up into a ball in a dark room and have a little cry. Plus the vocals are killer.

2) Spooky Mormon Hell Dream – The Book of Mormon – Now I love this musical. I loved the soundtrack for a good while before I was finally lucky enough to see the show, which I loved even more (seriously the staging of Turn it Off is brilliant). And this song is bloody hilarious, well more hilarious than some of the others (see Turn it Off for another example, in fact just count that as a song on this playlist even though it doesn’t have a number because I am talking about it now, it’s fucking great and the one that I springs into my head randomly the most often) which is what makes me love it all the bit more.

3) He Lives in You – The Lion King – I actually forgot this song existed, I forget regularly that it does actually, and I don’t know why because it is so damn good. I don’t really have much else to say about this song other than that.

4) I’ll Cover You (Reprise) – Rent – Ah Jesse L. Martin how I love and hate thee. The former because this song is b e a u t i f u l. The whole way it is sung, the way it builds to that ending, the everything else about it. The latter because the second I even so much as think about the opening 10 seconds of this song I am a goner because within those 10 seconds I am there and feeling that pain because that voice, his voice, does wonders. It gets about 10x worse when you remember the original version of it and how damn happy they were. This song ruins things, in the best possible way. So yeah, I hate it. But I love it too.

5) Seasons of Love – Rent – Just while we are on the musical, my final song from it is this one. Which I am sure you have heard at some point in time, it is the song. Given that I have only seen the film adaption, this song opens the musical which pretty sets you up for an emotional rollercoaster (that if you ask me peaks at the 4 of this very playlist). It’s weird (or maybe not because it’s music and music does things like this) because this song can either be kind of uplifting or really fucking depressing, which I think is what makes me love it more.

5) On the Steps of the Palace – Into the Woods – I only saw this musical recently but I became acquainted with the soundtrack at the back end of last year when the hype around the film existed (because that is the version I saw). I don’t know what it is about this song that stuck out to me so much, maybe it was the fact that Anna Kendrick was singing it or maybe it was the mildly amusing line of reasoning that Cinderella found her brain going through as she was stuck on the stairs. Whatever the reason was I like it.

6) Agony – Into the Woods – Another song I like because seriously? it is actually ridiculous. It is wonderfully and hilariously amazing. These Princes are just absurd.

7) No One Is Alone – Into the Woods – Last song from this musical. Sometimes you just need a little reminder of things and this song serves as one.

8) So Much Better – Legally Blonde – Total change of pace here because I like those when it comes to playlists apparently. I saw this musical twice when it was on the West End and the soundtrack stuck with me. First of all what a great story to turn into a musical because I aspire to be more Elle Woods (maybe without all the pink) and the addition of songs to the plot worked quite well if you ask me. I love this song because I love that it is the point where you can tell that Elle stats believing that she’s got this thing.

9) Legally Blonde – Legally Blonde – And then we have the other end of the belief spectrum…I almost shed a tear in theatre when I first heard this song. It just embodies that moment where everything seems pointless and it just doesn’t seem worth it anymore. And it is awful. It’s a beautiful song, but it’s heartbreaking. So many of the songs on this playlist are, so sorry about that.

10) I Believe – The Book of Mormon – We are back in Uganda with this one. Andrew Rannells, I love thee (seriously I really do, and hey he just finished up a run in Hamilton, see? I can bring everything back to that somehow these days). I mean I pretty much love this song for his voice alone and again, it’s funny. I like funny.

11) There are Worse Things I Could Do – Grease – The original musical (okay actually Disney was, but first ‘grown up’ one for sure…Dirty Dancing doesn’t count does it?) for me. And because I have always been more Rizzo than Sandy this is my chosen song from this musical.

12) Don’t Rain on My ParadeFunny Girl – Look I can’t lie I have never actually seen this musical (it is high up on the list though). In fact the only reason I love and know this song as well as I do is because it was Rachel Berry’s audition song of choice in Glee. But since then (2009) it has become somewhat of a mantra for life.

13) Circle of Life – The Lion King – Who doesn’t love The Lion King? Who are those people? I want to meet them and find out why, because I don’t understand that. The beginning of this song is uplifting enough. How can you not love it? It’s like THE perfect opener to anything. Ever.

14) No Good Deed – Wicked – I must have mentioned this before but Wicked is MY musical. It’s kind of my everything, and this song breaks my heart every time I hear it. The whole last minute is just the worst part of the whole show to me. Like I will cry at the end of the show no problem but the tears are nothing compared to the way this song makes me feel. It’s awful, brilliant and powerful, but awful.

15) Bring Him Home – Les Miserables – I am so sorry for the end of this playlist, because it is just emotional central (I mean a lot of this playlist has been like that but I am really bringing it home with this ending). And I start that with this, which is like the epitome of emotion in this musical (look, the whole thing is emotional, I mean it is literally called The Miserables, but still). But there are so many powerful and beautiful renditions of this song sung by so many incredible actors, I went with Hugh because I love him most.

16) Empty Chairs at Empty Tables – Les Miserables – And I went with Eddie for this one because this rendition fucked my life up when I first heard. Something about the fact that it starts acapella just wrecks me and then the way the music builds just makes it all the worse. And I was pleasantly surprised by Eddie’s vocals when I heard it for the first time because although I know Eddie kills it in the acting game I wasn’t aware he could sing, but he really got the emotion across in this song and it ruins me to listen to.

17) I Dreamed a Dream – Les Miserables – And because I like to reallllllyyyyyyy go in with the tears I end my Les Mis trip with this one. Which is pretty much going to be awfully emotional regardless of who is singing it (I went with Lea Salonga’s version, because fuck I love her). This is probably, rather morbidly (depending on how you look at it I guess), my favourite song from this whole musical.

18) For Good – Wicked – I finish this playlist today with this. I don’t quite have words to describe my love for this song. Seriously, words actually fail me. Like I mentioned earlier, this song can make me emotional from the words ‘I’m limited’ and then it just keeps getting worse from there on out. It is a beautiful way to end (pretty much) the whole show and makes the context of the opening of the show even worse because it comes full circle. This song holds a lot of fond memories for me as well and even inspired me to write a little something off the back of it, to be found here.

Right, well that is this playlist done today (although I am so doing another one of these one day, there are so many songs that I know I have missed out that I love, but this thing is lengthy enough as it is). You are getting two, yes two, more of these this month but they won’t be for 20(ish) days. Anywho, parentheses count: 23. See you tomorrow!


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  • Tabby

    My favorites that you pointed out here are ‘Seasons of Love’, ‘For Good’, ‘Circle of Life’, ‘Take Me Or Leave Me’, and ‘He Lives In You’. All are in my iTunes library and I can literally listen to them on repeat on any given day 🙂

  • Chow Kim Wan

    My tastes for show tunes are rather different. We seem to intersect at Les Miserables and Wicked, but deviate otherwise. I’m younger than you but my taste is a little older. I love Rodgers and Hammerstein a lot, and my favorites are Aladdin and The Phantom of the Opera. Enjoyed reading through your list though!

    • Sophie

      Thanks for reading. This is a small snippet of all the songs I love to be honest, I could have gone on and on and will probably do a second one in the near future with a whole bunch of others.

      • Chow Kim Wan

        Would love you to check out mine! It is on my blog, but it is a little old so you need to dig a little. You could go to my ranking list archives to find it. Feel free to tell me if you have any problems navigating my blog. Do share your opinion on my lists as well!

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