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For various reasons, the main one being I am very close to being on the wrong side of apathy, I am taking a little break from this blog for the rest of the month.

And then come September there are gonna be some changes to this little space of mine on the internet to make it feel a bit more like me. Not that it isn’t already, but there is always room for improvement and change. I’ve just reached a stage where trying to create something akin to streamlined posts is getting harder because sometimes I just want to talk about something, that in the context of my blog, would seem a little left field. And I’m very aware that I did that to myself all those months ago when I committed to this whole blogging thing.

So I’m taking a little break (by break I mean excessive editing of all the ideas that keep slapping me in the brain at the most random of times (like that time between being asleep and fully, coherently awake or mid bite when I’m eating dinner and I nearly spill food all over myself as I realise the I CAN’T WRITE IT DOWN)), so I can get all my thoughts and stuff in order and also take the slight amount pressure off of myself.

I’m gonna write a whole post about this come August 31st (because starting things on a Tuesday seems odd to me and this month the last Sunday is practically the end of the month because yes THAT post is still happening, so leaving a day is just nonsensical (to me, you can think I’m weird for that it’s fine)) but for now it’s a short little hiatus.

See you in September! (Roll with it, I know technically it won’t be)

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