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Bonus Book Review – Vengeful

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Buckle in, we’ve hit a run of book reviews. I mentioned last month that I had at least 11 to do. It’s creeping closer to 12 now. Maybe 13. The point is I have a lot to do. They’ll start this week and then I’ll get some chill and break them up a bit.

But let’s get to the first one shall we?

Let me begin by saying that I am so damn glad that I didn’t have to wait 5 years for this book.

Vicious changed my damn life (maybe slightly hyperbolic, but also true) and I was so happy to get back to Eli and Victor and the anti-hero world they existed in. So happy.

And this book also introduced me to the beauty that was Marcella. I loved her, in the way that you can only love an anti-hero. She wasn’t worst than Eli, but she was a different kind of bad. A more logical kind of bad at the end of it all, the one that I feel I might have been if the universe dealt me the same hand as her.

I loved how unapologetic she was and how her final thoughts manifested themselves in her ability. When it came to into fruition as she confronted her husband and all of his friends I was both horrified by how much pain she inflicted on them all.

She was the perfect antagonist to Eli and also Victor. She was deliciously sexy and smart. Her whole background really helped in terms of her actions and I loved how it turned her into such a show woman.

Let’s get to my faves shall I?

Eli and Victor. I am very attached to Victor. Don’t get me wrong he’s kind of awful, but of the two? Less awful. Having said that, he was awful in this one. There was a lot of senseless murder on his part. Was it justified? Possible. Was it necessary? Again, possible in the context. But it was savage as hell. And also dangerous for my other faves. Mitch and Sydney.

I remain always stressed about Mitch because his luck, or lack thereof, is talked about a fair bit, and also he’s human.

I stressed about Sydney because she was still clinging to a piece of her past that she really shouldn’t have. I loved watching her powers grow but also that came with an element of fear, because the stronger she got the more likely it became that she could achieve her goal and bring her sister back from the damn ashes.

Back to Victor, but linked to Sydney. I liked seeing how his resurrection affected him and his ability. Quietly at first and then it really ramped. How his power and the life that he chose really isolated from him from the family that he accidentally created. It was heartbreaking. I loved how Schwab made the two co-exist. You could feel for Victor whilst also completely disagreeing with him and his methods. But ultimately he kind of the one that you root for.

Which brings me onto Eli.

Now, it’s not that I hated Eli come the end of Vicious, but let’s be real he played God and was ruthless because of it. He was a dick and of the two, he was the worst.

So colour me surprised when a bitch caught feelings about Eli.

I was always intrigued by what would have led Eli to be the way that he is. There were hints about it Vicious from Victor’s perspective, but this fleshed it out. Listen it’s still very much ‘cool story, still murder’, but the fact is Schwab created characters that live and breathe in grey areas.

Eli has spent the past 5 years in a version of hell and was then expected to help the system.On their terms. But then because he is Eli he has a trick up his sleeve. One that always leads him back to Victor.

Their reunion was bittersweet. Just their whole relationship as it stands is bittersweet. Come the ending where you see what could have been you’re just reminded of how fragile the ego is. Especially at the age that they were at.

If you can’t tell by now, I really enjoyed this book. I loved this book. It arced so beautifully and had so many nuances to it that I haven’t even touched on.

I said that I couldn’t have done the 5 year wait between books, but I could have because Schwab creates narratives in this world that may not end neatly but end properly. I felt very satisfied by this ending.

4/5 stars

Parentheses count: 1. See you tomorrow!

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