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Vicissitude 5

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I think I suggested last week somewhere that I might not post something from this weird little world of mine, and when I said it I meant it, but I also kind of forgot to take into account the current lack of creativity plaguing my life right now. So they’re back for now because this was already written. Yay, past me!

Mia wasn’t home yet. She had a midnight curfew on a Friday but I wasn’t an idiot. I don’t think I ever made a midnight curfew at weekends because try as they might my parents were never all that good at staying awake past 11. All they needed to know was that I was in bed when they woke up. I had until 6am most weekends. I made good use of that.

Mia didn’t have that luxury. But we had rules. Mia and I. I would say midnight but not expect midnight. But she had to tell me if she wasn’t making curfew. Before midnight. At least 60 minutes before. That’s it. I needed a warning, a location and reassurance that she can get home safely.

It was 1:58 and I had had none of that.

And to make matters worse she wasn’t answering her phone either. Which was funny because I know Mia and her phone was never more than a millimetre away from her hand. So she was either ignoring me, or something bad had happened. I was in the strange position where I wanted her to be ignoring her newly overbearing sibling.

Turned out it was a little bit of both.

She had been arrested.

For public indecency.

And she needed me to pick her up.

Hayden had only just finally fallen asleep and getting him anywhere took nearly 20 minutes on a good day. Waking Scott and Lydia in the middle of the night was a recipe for disaster. They were jumpy at the best of time and terrified that I was going to be the bearer of more bad news told under the cloak of darkness.

And so, there I was at 2:15am in my kitchen with two equally shitty options. Leave the kids unattended for the 35 minutes to an hour it would take for me to go and get Mia or wake them up in the middle of night and make 2 out of 3 watch me collect their older sister out of jail.

There was a third option that was just as bad, but maybe the best of the ones that I had been presented with.

I called Josh.

‘Hey Nix, you okay?’ He answered after three rings.

‘Did I wake you?’ It didn’t sound like I had but I wanted to know how much I was going to potentially inconvenience him.

‘No, I just got in from a hing with some friends, you’re good.’

‘Have you been drinking?’

‘No? Unlucky me was designated driver tonight.’

‘I hate to ask…’

‘Ask what?’

‘Mia got arrested.’ I whispered.

‘Oh fuck, is she okay?’ He sounded genuinely worried.

‘She got naked in a water fountain. She’s fine, but I need to go and get her.’

‘And you need someone to look after the kids?’ He supplied easily.

‘I mean, they’re asleep. You won’t have to do anything, I don’t think. Hayden might wake up but you just have to rock him slightly and he should just fall back to sleep. I can’t wake Scott and Lydia up in the middle of the night again Josh. I’m sorry to ask you to do this, but I can’t do that to them right now and I can’t leave them on their own and I can’t leave Mia.’ I was rambling and had started to sound frantic, my heartbeat rushing in my ears.

‘Nix , it’s fine. I can be there in five minutes okay?’ I breathed out.

And he was. Five minutes after he hung up I heard his car pull up into the house.


He was bouncing Hayden on his hip when Mia and I returned just over an hour later. Mia hadn’t looked at me properly since she was escorted out of the back room by a police officer. When I closed and locked the front door she walked straight up the stairs and quietly closed her bedroom door.

‘Is she alright?’ He asked as Hayden gurgled into his shirt.

‘She’s quiet. Probably still a little bit drunk. But I fine I suppose all things considered.’ I wrapped my arms tightly around my worst.

‘Horrible. Nothing really prepares you for watching your sister have handcuffs taken off. Or getting a phone call saying she’s been arrested in the first place. I mean I thought I was kind of prepared to get that call, but it’s still horrible.’ I sunk down onto one of the stairs.

‘Wait, why did you prepare yourself to get that call?’ He laughed quietly and Hayden shifted in his arms.

‘I mean our parents were relatively chill people, but even they would flip at one of their daughter being arrested. So I was just slightly prepared for it. I’m the prison phone call.’

‘Weird thing to declare yourself.’ He laughed as he dropped down next to me carefully.

‘How is he anyway?’ I changed the subject and pointed at Hayden.

‘He’s fine. Falling back asleep nicely. Kept mumbling the word moo.’

‘That and “nana” are all he seems to want to say these days.’ I gently stroked his head and smiled.

‘Does he mean moo as in cow?’

‘Yeah, he picked his favourite farm animal and it happens to be a cow. We’re all just rolling with it.’ I leant heavily against his shoulder and let my eyes slip shit.

‘It’s late. You should get some sleep.’ He whispered into my hairline.

‘Not much point. Scott and Lyds will wake me up soon anyway. It’s pancakes and waffles for breakfast day.’ I mumbled, my eyes feeling heavier by the second.

‘There’s no part of you that should be near a stove or cooking right now.’

‘Well I don’t really have much choice in the matter.’ My voice sounded thick to my own ears.

‘Are you forgetting that I’ve done the pancakes and waffles breakfast thing before?’

‘It was a fluke.’

‘But what if it wasn’t. It’s just pancakes and waffles. I’m sure it will be fine.’ I was too tired to truly register what he was saying and I could feel myself getting puled closer to sleep. If I’d been more alert I would have maybe protested a bit more. As it wereI just sank a bit heavier into his side.

‘Nix, you should really go to bed.’

‘No, you should go to bed.’ He nudged me up slightly and I moved away from his side. Josh slowly stood up, being careful of Hayden, and offered me his hand. I took it gratefully and let him pull me up and lead me upstairs.

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