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Can I just level with you, the title for this is truly all kinds of awful, but they have never been my strong suit and honestly they may never be. I have moments of brilliance with them but then for the most part they are awful. Point and case right here.

This post is literally just about vitamins.

I don’t remember if I’ve ever done one of these before, I don’t think I have because it felt like I have never thought about doing it before when I thought to do it. Whether I have or not, I’m doing it now.

I realised the other day as I was knocking my daily vitamins back that I actually do not know whether I have ever really thought about whether there are any benefits to it for me or whether at this point I am just doing it because it’s habit.

I mean it’s not necessarily a bad habit to have, but it is definitely something that I do on auto-pilot.

So much so that I realised the other day that I don’t even really remember what I take on a daily basis anymore.

I should clarify a few things, one I have been taking the same 4 vitamins pretty much every day (I occasionally forget the odd day here and there) and I have done since the beginning of September 2016. I pay almost no attention to it at this point. I have a subscription with VITL which means every 28 days or whatever (again, I pay no attention to the frequency with which it is sent out it, it’s towards the beginning of the month I can tell you that because I just got my next month’s) I get 4 weeks of vitamin strips (VITL also came up in my protein powder chat, if you’re thinking it sounds familiar). I have the essentials 4, but it is possible to get a personalised one, I’ve just never felt the need to that.

The ones that I get in the essentials is Magnesium Calcium Complex, Supergreens, Krill Omega 3 and a Complete Multivitamin. It feels pretty extensive and once you get over the fact that you’re just popping 4 pills back to back (which I’ve taken to now doing in the middle of a conversation, like that’s normal) they are pretty easy to take as well.

I used to know extensively what each of the 4 did and the only reason that I now know is because I just had to double check each one in order to write them down, it’s been a while since I did some research into vitamins. But if you wanna know what they do as they are listed above it is the following: MCC, essential minerals to keep you in balance, SG, boost intake of supergreens, KO3, contributes to healthy brain and heart, CM, covers all basis for overall wellbeing.

Could I tell you if they work? No, not really. I mean yes, they have helped with my overall wellbeing to a degree but I wasn’t prone to getting all that ill beforehand and that hasn’t gotten better or worse. But to be honest I started taking them so long ago that for all I know there has been a difference and I’ve just stopped noticing it because it’s become so much a part of my life. As I said it’s been over a year.

I guess the only way to find that out would be to stop taking them and see what happens there, but that’s not something I am inclined to do because I hate being sick and I enjoy for the most part being able to get over anything in less than a week (when I actually allow myself to rest).

I bring this up because I’ve got into my head that there are probably areas of vitamins that I am just not getting through my regular diet (which I am slowly making changes to) and am also not getting from my daily 4 sips and down vitamin taking. Like a probiotic. I’ve convinced myself that I should start taking them and am currently looking into that, and then I start thinking about whether I should switch to the personalised one so that I am getting the things that my body might actually need or might aid some of the more problematic areas.

I don’t even really know why I started thinking about this, but I was swallowing my krill oil and then started thinking about for 10 minutes at my desk while I went through the other 3. But I did and then I started thinking about the fact that over the course of the year and a bit that I have been taking them I have just stopped finding it weird that I just do them all back to back and just get on with it. And also people around me have stopped finding it weird as well. It’s just a thing that happens at some point during the day when I finally remember to take them.

I will say this about them, and I do usually now do this but I did’t always, take them once you’ve eaten. It doesn’t feel that bad when you take them on an empty stomach but a couple of times it did make me feel a little light headed, but once I eat everything settles down again. So yeah, advice to eat first. I think it’s the krill one that does me in the most.

I don’t really know what the outcome of this post was today. I think in hindsight when I signed up to a monthly subscription of vitamins in order to bulk up my immune system a little bit more it was kind of the beginning of this whole fitness and healthy lifestyle that I am now on. It was the start of me starting to take control of that aspect of my life. And I guess the fact that I am thinking of what other changes I can make to this are just another level to that. And I’ve learnt that in times like that I just need to kind of follow whatever whims my brain is wanting to go on and if they lead to something then they do and if that thing doesn’t work then it doesn’t and I just move on and know that I at least tried.

Right, I’m gonna wrap this post up now with the fact that I am mildly obsessed with vitamins right now and even though part of me thinks I’m a little bit mad for taking so many a day there is also a part of me that wants to make some changes to it and then somehow accidentally find myself taking more (side note, part of my whole research process is making sure that if I am making changes that I don’t end up taking too much of something).

Parentheses count: 6. See you tomorrow!

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