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A little hydration can go a long way.

I’ve kind of believed that for nearly a decade now.

You know how you read all those articles that are basically like ‘drink 2 litres of water a day for all these benefits’? Well I read that during a time where I was panicking about revision and how I was going to retain all the information that I needed to for my GCSE’s. Water was supposed to help with your memory and your skin and your sleep and so much other shit that it felt like it was just up my street. I was the perfect person for their marketing schtick.

I don’t really know how much it really helped me in terms of retaining information. And I do know that when I started aiming fro 1.5 litres a day I needed to pee every 5 minutes it felt like. It didn’t really help with my skin all that much, because I was a teenager and so obviously bad skin just comes with the territory.

I do know that it helped form a habit.

One that is just second nature to me know.

I drink water and coffee. And then alcohol but that’s not an everyday thing.

There is something euphoric about that first sip of water of the day, or in the middle of a workout, or when you just remember that you haven’t had any water for a while and then do.

I kind of don’t really notice anymore how much water I take in although I do know that it’s a minimum of 2 litres but it definitely goes over that some days. I do however notice when I don’t drink enough. My body is so used to drinking that much water that when it doesn’t get it I kind of shut down a little.

My life becomes about finding water just so that I can reverse some of the damage done by not drinking any. My body knows feels dehydration in a way that it didn’t used to before.

Keeping hydrated is actually key for me.

It helps to keep my thoughts sort of in check. I mean not by much. But it means that they are not all fuzzy. They’re a mess sure, but for the most part there is clarity to them because that is water does for me.

I still don’t really know if it helps with my skin and all that but it does have some kind of restorative properties for me that I can’t deny do help some of the way with my mental health in some way and has done for nearly 10 years.

Water is life.

Parentheses count: 1. See you tomorrow!

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