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Hi, Hey, Hello!

Still terrible at titles. Some things never change.

So, I’m back. It’s been a while but I’m back.

I’ve not necessarily done all that much in the past month other than just move from one day to another (and changed my blog’s theme about a week ago). I mean I’ve got some reading done, although I am still slightly behind on my Goodreads 2016 Reading Challenge at the moment, but once I finish the two books that I have going at the moment I should be straight back on track there, so that’s good.

Oh, I also got an idea for something that I may or may not be doing something with, so that’s taking up a lot of my thoughts and ideas because I somehow end up linking all my thoughts back to it and so I putting words onto a document and ignoring the voice in my head that is telling me to stop even trying because all the words and sentences are awful and that I should just stop trying because no one is ever going to care.

Well I’m largely ignoring it anyway. My new philosophy in regards to it is to ultimately pretend that the backspace button doesn’t exist. Even if I am cringing as I write the sentence I just keep swimming with it. And then also employ the mantra ‘it’s a first draft, it’s a first draft, it’s a first draft.’

Speaking of first drafts (this link is pretty tenuous tbh) I have finally dared to look back at the madness that was April and Camp Nano and well…yeah I’ve been doing some editing. And in fact some of them I don’t really remember writing, that’s how just-get-words-onto-a-screen I got about it. It’s mainly the back end of the month, there’s nothing too drastic there, just some tidying up. So that’s going on in the background on this here blog. And I may or may not have signed up for Camp Nano in July…and by that I mean I have. However, it’s not going down the way that April’s did. I’m mainly using it as a way to just make some headway with the earlier mentioned idea of mine. I mean the word count is still set at 20,000 words for the month, but it’s a lot more fluid than it was in April.  I do still acknowledge that it’s a mental goal, but hey, what’s life without a few challenges.

And with that little bit of life update I move on to some blog admin:

I slowly morphed into the worst person at keeping to my Friday posts. They sometimes happened, they mostly didn’t. They led to some weird kind of blogger’s guilt whenever I missed a Friday, and I missed a lot of Fridays. So in an attempt to soothe my traitorous brain I’ve decided to sort of stop doing it…Or rather I am committing to it on a more casual basis. On a basis where I’ve actually read stuff and have absorbed it and made note of it (and isn’t just solely based on travel and making my wanderlust even worse) and haven’t just sped read it for the purpose of a post.

I’m adding a second post time to my life to make things a bit less of a rush and also keep things manageable. It’s not gonna be 11pm like it became back in April when I was tapping away at all minutes available to me so I could make the post on the day, but it’s also probably not going to be bang on the noon dot all days as well. Most will make that mark, but some won’t because sometimes I get a life (or go the gym which happens these days…whaaattt??) and the posts needs time to be written. So there’s that. 12pm or 9pm (GMT, cos that’s where I live). Those are my new posting times. And they will be implemented very soon. Like this week kind of soon.

Final thing, I’ve decided to make a slight change to the way that I write my book reviews up. This year they have ranged from being sort of coherent to total utter nonsense because I’ve just needed to get my thoughts out and I haven’t made them normal, proper structured anything. They were a mess. I mean they were a reflection of my thoughts and I think that came across and it was sort of fine but there is definite need for improvement. And then I found myself falling into old, uni/studying English mindset where I was thinking about what sections of the text really meant and how they fed into character actions and the rest of the plot. I was basically just analysing it in my head as I read and it felt a little bit like coming home. I wanted to scratch my thoughts onto the page with a pencil and stick post it notes on pages with quotes that really stuck with me. I wanted to unpack quotes about what it means to me and how I interpret it. I basically found myself writing a mini essay in a way that I always joke I can do.

Then I thought, why don’t I? I mean I won’t get as into it as I could do because that could be quite boring to read, but I want to look a bit more at the book that I’ve just read and actually talk about why I like or disliked a book and not just sort of upend whatever the hell is going on in my head as I write the review out onto the page. So you can expect that to be happening this week, because as I said at the top of this post I have been getting some reading done.

And that’s it. Other than that it’s pretty much all the same. Some books, some writing, some beauty stuff and all that jazz.

And there we go my first post back. How have you all been?

Parentheses count: 3. See you tomorrow!


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