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Bonus Book Review – What If It’s Us?

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So I’ve run out of Adam Silvera books to read. That’s what 2018 brought be. Adam Silvera. I love him.

Now, this is a co-write. So this year also brought me Becky Albertalli. One because Love, Simon came out this year and so I read the book before I watched the film and two because this book came out and I knew I needed it my life.

And I got it in my life and read it almost instantly.

First of all, what I liked about this was that the two authors’ styles blended together seamlessly. They alternated perspectives but if you didn’t know that it was written by two authors then you wouldn’t be able to tell (it was similar to They Both Die in the End, except ya know, it didn’t break my heart).

Arthur and Ben are cute. I love them. They were so cute. I could probably just keep saying they’re cute but that would get boring. You get it, cute.

They’re meet cute (not my fault that one) actually made me laugh out loud, it was just so messy and great and the mild comedy of errors that followed as their paths tried to cross again was amusing and also resourceful. It was really a testament to the time we live in that it was based on so much in social media stalking. We all have that one friend that can track a person down with half a name and Instagram.

I loved the characterisation of Arthur and Be. You can’t help but root for them, especially in the beginning when they are trying to find one another.

I loved Ben and the relationship that he had with Dylan and how it was unapologetically friendly. and close, you know the way that friends are regardless of their gender…how close their relationship is really came into play towards the end when Dylan went to hospital. It doesn’t matter what shit goes down you show up for each other. I will say that he was hella judgdey sometimes and he made bad decisions when it came to his ex-boyfriend, but the again he’s a teenager and sometimes they do stupid shit.

Where most characters in Ben’s perspective felt mostly fleshed out, the one’s in Arthur’s didn’t. And on the one hand that’s probably because he was pretty much on his own while his friends weren’t there and only existed in snippets, but it made it kind of hard to be fully invested in what happened, so it kind of felt like you know Arthur by the end of it. Which isn’t a totally bad thing, until his friends show up and it feels kind of ‘meh’.

For the most part I enjoyed this book. However I just need to take a minute to talk about the ending, which I hated deep in to my core. Don’t get me wrong, it was the realistic ending, but I don’t need realistic from my books all the time. I want my light and frothy, probably unrealistic, happy ending. This was just annoying. It made the whole book feel a bit meh because what was the point? I’m being a tad dramatic, but also, no, the ending let me down in a book that otherwise I quite enjoyed.

3/5 stars

Parentheses count: 2. See you tomorrow!

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