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What If

What if one day your best friend told you they were an alien? Like a sleeper cell they are just an integrated part of society to observe human behaviour. Sent to figure out how humans feel and how they react within a spectrum of emotions. Sent to learn why they make the choices that they do in everyday life. The little choices though, like whether to have whipped cream on your mocha, or your decision to twirl your keys twice before you put the key in the lock. The choices that you don’t even really consider choices anymore, they are second nature.

What if they told you that their planet had sent them assignments and they involved manipulating your emotions and feelings, all in the name of science.

What if they told you that you were just their test subject, but it had all gone wrong? Actual human emotions had started forming that they hadn’t quite expected (although it does help answer one of Mother Planet’s questions). The bond between you had manifested into an actual friendship, the way ‘real’ humans experienced them.

What would you do then?

Would you refuse to believe it without proof? (which can be given at the drop of a hat as a long tentacle springs from what should be an elbow joint)

Would you express outrage at the idea that the life you have been leading hasn’t been entirely of your design?

Would you question how they could be an alien? Aliens aren’t real are they? (the answer is easily explained by the fact that there have always been sleeper cells since the dawn of civilisation on Earth (Earth is  a relatively young planet). Families came down took human form and procreated. They made bonds. They figured out human behaviour. They thought they knew it all and almost left, but then civilisation developed. Created new technologies, went to war, dropped nuclear bombs, had civil wars, attempted to wipe out whole nations, imprisoned other people based on gender and skin colour. Humans became more complex and more confusing than the Mother Planet could ever have predicted. So they stayed.)

Would you run away?

Would you question whether anything about your friendship had ever been real? (the answer is yes, four years ago when you cried for hours on the kitchen floor. They didn’t do it to study you, they did it because they wanted to be there for you. It’s been real since then.)

Would you tell them that it’s been fun but it’s over now?

Would you pretend you hadn’t heard and carry on as normal?

Or do you process the information quickly and ask questions?

Do you take an interest in learning, not just about a new culture, but a new species?

Do you have an actual comprehensive conversation? Set up new boundaries?

So…what if one day your best friend told you they were an alien?

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