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What Inspires You?

Hi, Hey, Hello!

New week, and Easter Monday, and all that jazz. So I think the title pretty much tells you all you need to know about what to expect from this post today.

The answer to the question can be summed up in one word: words.

They inspire me more than anything I have ever experienced.

I know a lot of people who are visual. They can see a picture of something and then can just go with it because they know exactly where they want to go creatively. They can take inspiration from anything they see around them. If I try to do that I just hit a wall. I hit a wall and crash into pieces in spectacular fashion and then just fall into a well of despair and lack of anything that could even be considered a full sentence.

Don’t get me wrong it happens sometimes. And I am always floored by art objectively speaking. But being inspired by it? That’s a rarity.

Back when I existed in a cycle of revision, sleep, eat, repeat (from 14-21) everyone always told me that I needed to find the way that I worked best. And I did. I wrote a shit ton of notes. I wrote pages and pages of notes. I wrote them down on revision cards. I highlighted away. Academically speaking, I think I did alright with that.

And that translated into my creative life (as it were).

I have caught stray words somewhere as I am walking from point A to B and that has led me to think of a whole short story in my head, which has never actually left my head and made it onto a page, but it has kept me entertained at particularly boring parts of the day.

Quotes get me more than anything else. I have seen quotes from so many different sources that have again sparked so many ideas. Ones that actually made it out onto the page. Ones that go on for pages and actually sustain me. Ones that are fed by other quotes and words that I see while I’m living my life.

It is 100% the reason that the Snapshot series exists. And why it keeps on going…and why it has fizzled out slightly, because words are making me think of other things.

Music as well. Goodness does music inspire me. It’s my default way to try and get myself out of a writing funk. I can just hear one lyric in a song and run with it. It feels like it opens the floodgates or something, which is usually exactly what I need most because by that point I have almost hit the bottom of the pit and had no hope of getting out any time soon.

Anything that involves a beautifully constructed sentence or phrase and I am there. Somehow I am there.

So yeah, the short answer to what inspires me is words. But words are so much more than that to me.

Which is useful given what I have in store for myself in April (the last time I talk about this thing cryptically, all will be revealed soon).

Parentheses count: 3. See you tomorrow!Main sign off


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