What's In My Bag?

What’s In My Bag?

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I was going to do a totally different post today but then this whole summer thing decided to happen and I had one of the most annoying slightly soul destroying commute home last night that by the time I finally settled in on my sofa and had eaten the post that I was going to do was like the last thing I could psych myself up for. So I defaulted and went with the thing that is currently my best friend and also leads me to play a game of Tetris every single day, multiple times a day (and is also something that I have always wanted to do, but never actually done).

I am talking about my handbag.

I have gone through many a bag in my life and as such they all tend to blur into one (I honestly cannot remember what the bag that I used every single day up until Christmas looks like right now. At all. I do know I kept one held together by sellotape for longer than I should have). As I have gone through so many bags I decided maybe it was time to splash out a bit and get one that would be a bit more durable, and well Cambridge Satchel Company were having a sale and it was my Christmas present…to myself.

What's in My Bag - Handbag
What’s in My Bag? – Handbag

When choosing my bag I decided to not pick a black one, because my bag is usually always the most colourful about me (hey, I was not joking I live in all black) but I couldn’t push the boat out entirely and so I went for a gorgeous deep purple/burgundy colour (and had a heart embossed on it just because I could). I went for a 15″ one because I wanted to know that I could slip my laptop into it without any problems, and I can do just that.

Now onto the contents of my bag:

What's in My Bag - Tickets
What’s in My Bag? – Tickets

1) Some random tickets. Seriously The Lion King one is from March ’15, the Wicked one is January ’15. I don’t now why they are all still in there, but they are. I had to have transferred some over from my old bag. I don’t even know what I plan on doing with these. And also to my brother and R, if you want your ticket then let me know, because I still have it.

What's in My Bag - Notebook
What’s in My Bag ?- Notebook

2) I got this little notebook for a Secret Santa gift and it just sort of exists in the front pocket of my bag. There are few ideas jotted down in it for I don’t use the Notes app on my phone.

What's in My Bag - Lip Balms and Mirror
What’s in My Bag? – Lip Balms and Mirror

3) I don’t know why I have THREE lip balms in my bag, especially because I only use one. I use the Burt’s Bees one. I mean I have used the other 2, but they are now finished so I don’t know why I don’t just chuck ’em. Oh and also a compact mirror, that I do not use all that often because the forward facing camera exists on my phone.

What's in My Bag - Diary and Pen
What’s in My Bag? – Diary and Pen

4) I use this diary, I swear I do. It happens sporadically as hell, but I use it. I think I am so used to it being in there that I forget it’s there. It keeps my blogging life planned, not that there is much planning going on there right now unfortunately. And a pen, because otherwise two pads of paper would be pointless.

What's in My Bag - Purse
What’s in My Bag? – Purse

5) My purse, seems like a given. It actually closes at the moment which is unusual. I also don’t really take it out that much because I only use one card and that’s usually in my pocket.

What's in My Bag - A Book
What’s in My Bag? – A Book

6) A book. This changes on a fortnightly basis on average (sometimes quicker…sometimes longer) and right now it’s On the Other Side which I started yesterday.

What's in My Bag - Hand Cream
What’s in My Bag? – Hand Cream

7) Hand cream. Somehow my hands are drier now that it feels like London is existing on the surface of the sun than they were when London was existing in the depths of the Artic (seriously this past winter was long and cold). So this is still a requirement.

What's in My Bag - Antibacterial Hand Gel
What’s in My Bag? – Antibacterial Hand Gel

8) Antibacterial Hand Gel. I should really use this more often, but again it’s one of those things that I know is there  but forget is there.

What's in My Bag - Vitamins
What’s in My Bag? – Vitamins

9) Vitamins. I’m more likely to remember to take them if I have to shift them around in order to find something else that I need and then I have to slot them back into their place in my bag. Although that does mean I sometimes forget to take them on Sunday, which is pretty much the only day that I don’t contend with it.

What's in My Bag - Gum
What’s in My Bag? – Gum

10) Gum. I’ve taken to buying tubs that don’t strictly fit in my bag, but they last longer and it saves me from getting annoyed at myself when I inevitably forget to buy small packets of the stuff.

What's in My Bag? - Nurofen
What’s in My Bag? – Nurofen

11) Nurofen. Because you should always have this on hand, it saves sanity and pain.

What's in My Bag? - Keys
What’s in My Bag? – Keys

12) Keys. I spend a lot of time wondering on my walk back from the station and to my house wondering if I remembered to put my keys back in my back that morning. And then also my keys to the office so I can get in and not risk the lift every day.

What's in My Bag? - Glasses and Sunglasses Cases
What’s in My Bag? – Glasses and Sunglasses Cases

13) Glasses case. Which do occasionally house my glasses because I don’t always need to wear my glasses and they annoy me a lot of the time if I’m not looking at a screen (and even then I can find them annoying). Sunglasses case. Which I will admit I have currently removed my bag because I am actually using my sunglasses and can’t be bothered to deal with two cases, especially when one of them is empty most of the time.

What's in My Bag? - My Oyster Card
What’s in My Bag? – My Oyster Card

15) My Oyster Card, because I need to get around.

And that’s what’s in my bag.

Parentheses count: 7. See you tomorrow!

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