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Why I Quit Facebook

Hi, Hey, Hello!

I am no longer on Facebook.


I mean my account is deactivated not deleted because that ended up being too much of a headache to deal with and I wanted it gone.

So technically I am no longer on Facebook.

I made that decision once back at some point in the Autumn but in an inevitable lull in my day I found  myself going through the motions of opening the tab and pulling the password from some corner of my brain and then there it was. I was back. And that lasted for a few more months and then I realised that one of my resolutions for life was to cut out all the shit that made me feel bad or angry or annoyed me.

So I re-deactivated.

I culled it out of my life the same way that I did the Sidebar of Shame and it felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. Which is ridiculous, but there you go.

It was also ridiculous that it was so hard to just cut a website out of my life. I’ve been saying I wanted it gone for I’m gonna say a few years, but then can always come up with some reason. There are people that I want to stay in touch with, it was good for group projects (when I was at uni), it’s a convenient place to keep all my photos, there are members of my family that I can stay in touch with. And well, when I boiled it all down to its core, I don’t need it for group projects anymore, I graduated 2 and a half years ago, I have most of the pictures on there on my laptop in some place, I don’t really stay in touch with anyone via it. In fact the most active I was on it by the end was tagging a couple of people (who I also talk to in real life) in memes and shit.

I mean I can, and do, share random memes and shit with the same people but it just doesn’t crop up and let everyone know that I’ve done so. If I was really going to talk to people than I wouldn’t do it over Facebook because at the end of the day that just takes up too much time and it’s just easier to text. There was literally no reason for me to be on there other than habit.

A habit that I hated.

And so I ended it.

And for the most part I am still going strong with it. Although recently the ebbs of boredom seem to be leading me to believe that I should type the beginning of that fateful URL and recall the password from the depths of my brain again because it would be a good idea. It won’t be, I know it won’t be. It has the same affect on me as the Sidebar of Shame and I would dislike myself slightly if I were to end up back on there because it does nothing but makes me feel bad.

There have been a couple of people who upon me telling them that I am no longer on Facebook have given me some spiel about something that ultimately isn’t really relevant to why I just told them I deactivated the thing. At no point was I telling them that they too should cull it from their life, but the way they reacted when I told them my personal reasons for doing so you would think that I was. But I’m not. It’s not good for my mental health. That is literally it. Of all the social media accounts I possessed that was the one that caused me the most grief and anxiety and annoyance.

And yeah, it was only this one that causes me that much bother. I cannot explain to you why. Maybe it’s because there is an element of bravado attached to Facebook in how many friends you have and the weird need to ‘keep in touch’ with people that I honestly didn’t even consider friends when I was actually in school, but knew of them so there they were.

My other social media accounts are way less stressful than that. There is none of that ‘ignoring a friend request thing’, or pressure and way less bullshit headlines cropping up at the side of the screen and posts from people that I don’t want to read. It’s hard to really piss me off in 140 characters or a picture, especially if I don’t really know you all that well, which unfortunately for everybody on my Facebook wasn’t the case…

I also know for a fact that all my other social media accounts are way easier to take a break from. I can not check Twitter or Instagram for days and be fine. I’m not that attached. I can schedule things on one and just let that do it’s thing and although I have been known to accidentally lose time on staring at alllll the pictures, I can leave the app the hell alone. I can act like a normal human being without the weird pressure of it all. But there was just something about Facebook.

So I got rid of it. And I feel like a way better and mostly happier person (because let’s be real my happiness did not and does not depend on a bloody website) for it.

And now I take off my ranty hat and end with:

Parentheses count: 3. See you tomorrow!

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  • Tabby

    I’ve thought about leaving Facebook so many times, especially in the past year. I think I’m ultimately going to keep it because it’s the only way I stay in touch with some of my family members and long-distance friends… plus I have years of photos on there that I have to get saved onto a flash drive before I can think of getting rid of it, haha.

    • Sophie

      Yeah, I totally get that line of reasoning, it was mine for a while but ultimately the cons ended up outweighing the pros and it became a bit of a no-brainer haha. x

  • Kat

    I did quit, after being on it for only two years. I found that I had connected with all the people from my past that I wanted to, and were out there. People always say they are on facebook to keep up with or find old friends. After some are on for years, who else is there to find? Some said I should get on just for the pictures. Those who said that, I liked more in person because their facebook self was cringeworthy. Suggestive pictures for not just friends but on the public setting. Then there’s the attention grabbing check ins for restaurants, hair, nails, the dentist, the car shop, taking their mother to medical appts. Many sympathy posts. Soooo, I talk to my real friends about my real life, and am not desperate to check my likes and comments all day long. Realized that some people that I thought I liked more in person than on facebook, I lost respect for afterall. Not a good feeling. So, I quit.

  • Kat

    By the way, by sympathy posts, O mean people posting about their cold, flu, hangnail, sore toe and fishing for the likes, sad emojis and comments. Actual sympathy I have no problem with.

    • Sophie

      Oh I totally agree. It became this thing that was just people seeking validation…I guess. A bit like screaming into a void and hoping someone responded. I didn’t particularly feel like I needed to share that much of myself nor do I really need it to keep pictures, I mean I have Instagram and digital folders on my computer for that, I don’t need it to exist on there in the hope that something gets a ‘like’ or whatever. It just became draining and pointless to me and yeah, the people I want to talk to are already in my life and other social medias that don’t drive me insane, I don’t need Facebook for that. Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts on it! x

  • daniellegastineau

    I thought you had to have a Facebook for people like publishers to take you seriously. I have twitter and tumblr and my blog, shouldn’t that be sufficient. I deleted my Facebook, Snapchat and instagram

    • Sophie

      A part of me kept it for that long as well, but I just work better with Twitter and I don’t need to maintain both, it’s all such a headache and I just couldn’t be bothered with the one that actually made me angry anymore. Thanks for reading X

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