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Why I Started My Blog?

Hi, Hey, Hello!

Happy Monday you beautiful people. So this week is gonna get a bit reflective right here on this corner of the internet because this week marks a semi big milestone in my blog’s lifespan. I will get to that at some point in the week, but am simply setting the tone for the week right now.

And now onto the point of this post.

Why I Started My Blog?

Boredom and necessity.

I have had a little think about it and I know that I have peppered why I started this at various points over the past couple of years or so, but if I am summing it up in a sentence then I think that sentence would be, boredom and necessity.

Not in a bad way. Something being sprung out of boredom that gives some kind of purpose to the boredom isn’t a bad thing. I mean it gives me something to channel any kind of boredom into. When I am stuck for something to do and usually just start thinking of things that I could do for the blog. Be it starting the writing process for a future post, or just jotting ideas down and figure out where I can slot into my blog schedule. It keeps me less bored and also decreases the amount of time that I spend just aimlessly existing on the internet or playing Candy Crush (which has become a bit of problem for me tbh, I haven’t had issues like this since I was sat in a hotel room in Paris feeling like I was melting and getting annoyed that my 5 lives disappeared so quickly and then had to wait half an hour for a single one).

Necessity, one because it was part of a thing for Creative Writing Society (which I have mentioned before, I’m sure of it) way back when (2012) and two because it keeps me sane right now. I fell off the ball with it many a time back in the early days of it and ignored it and let it collect virtual dust. And I have had many a fight with it since it has become a part of my life and almost been defeated by it countless times. I have wanted to metaphorically throw it out of windows. I have been mocked by flashing cursors on a blank white screen more times than I can count. I have almost hated it and wondered why the hell I thought it was ever a good idea to start a blog. Why the hell was writing the thing that I wanted to on a (almost) daily basis? Why, why, why, why? (remember this, this haunts me in those times.)

So many whys?

But not enough for me to actually stop doing it. Why I do not know, but I do know that for every time I have been mocked by the cursor on my screen I have had 10 times where sitting at my laptop screen has been the easiest thing ever and just come naturally to me. I can just blitz out post after post and I end weekends with a huge sense of accomplishment. And I remember why I thought this blog was a good idea all those months ago. And why I decided to make a commitment to it and continue to (largely) keep to that commitment.

So in a sentence I started this blog out of boredom and necessity. But I keep doing it out of love.

Parentheses count: 6. See you tomorrow!

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