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2018 Reading Challenge, Book 38 – Why Not Me?

Hi, Hey, Hello!

This is a book that I had actually planned to read this year. Go me! It’s also a book by someone who I really love.

Mindy Kaling.

I loved her first book. As a writer she felt so relatable and funny. This book followed in some way.


There was a section towards the end that felt like it went on a bit in a book that otherwise I thoroughly enjoyed.

It was funny.

I legit laughed out loud in public a couple of times. It caught me off guard. Which was bizarre because I know Kaling is a funny woman. And can write funny. But there I was, surprised that there was laughter bubbling out of my mouth while I was on the tube.

The thing I took away from this book, and her first, is that Kaling knows what she wants and she will work her ass off to get it.

It was an inspiring read as a result. Seeing all the work that she puts in on a day to day basis just to get shit done.

It also drops some real truth bombs. Like Kaling’s approach to body image and the clusterfuck that always is. How hard/weird is is to make and keep friends as an adult, I always love it when she talks about her relationship with BJ Novak because the way they support each other is beautiful. I loved how she aired out her flaws, she’s a bad loser and competitive af. It felt honest.

Her writing style feels conversational. You kind of feel like you’re getting to know her over the course of the book. I thought this was better than her first, probably because it just covered her life from a later point. I blazed through it as a result. It felt like a catch up with a friend.

I really loved the final chapter of this book. It felt like a rally cry on some level.

Because ‘why not me?’

(I would recommend this book. Kaling is great as a creator and it will actually make you laugh out loud at pints. There’s a lot of good stuff in it and she has some funny tales to tell.)

3/5 stars

Parentheses count:  1. See you tomorrow!

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