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The set up for this is so damn late what with December being around the corner ad it has also been in action since the beginning of November. So it does all fall into the umbrella of winter reading.

Final 10 books of the year. Shit.

Bridge of Clay – I switched my Markus Zuzak books for the year because I have a pre-ordering problem and this one ended up in my life first. I’ve already read this one, the review is gonna do its thing imminently.

Crimes of Grindlewald – She loves a script book. I’m so on the fence about this whole film for a variety of reasons, but I love a script.

The Little Friend – This book is a beast and not one that I am prepared to commute with. Meet my Christmas week read. Or my Malta read, yeah going there first of week of December.

The Dark Vault – 2018 is the year that I fell in love with VE Schwab. I need all her work in my life, here’s another one.

London Fields – I went in with this one, realised I wasn’t meshing with it and so here’s take two.

Becoming – I miss Michelle Obama, it was a no brainer to buy this book, I jumped on that pre-order, the time is coming.

Shadow of the Wind  – This was another book I’ve tried to read this year and just couldn’t on board with. I don’t really know if it’s ever gonna be my up of tea, but I’m willing to give it another try.

Godsgrave – Final book that I’ve already attempted. I’m actually excited to read this book, but I was not in the headspace for it when I started it. I think I was waiting for Vengeful to drop and so my mind was just wandering.

The Good Immigrant – The amount of times I have picked this book up, stared at it somewhat lovingly and put it back down is kind of ridiculous. I’m finally gonna buy it and get it read.

The Princess Diarist – There will never be  time when I am ready to read this book, so I’m just gonna have to accept that and get it done, potential tears and all.

And with that I should close out my 2018 Reading Challenge. Given what a mess this one has turned into these books are subject to change. Also, yes there are A LOT of books that I said that I was going to read at the beginning of the year that I have not. I’ve just got a book buying problem and am trying to set up my own personal library or some shit.

But I’ve just been trying to get to 70 and this should get her done.

Parentheses count: 0. See you tomorrow!

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