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Writing 101 – Recreate a whole day

Hi, Hey, Hello!

It’s the last week of the month and also means that I have one month left at work before I finish for the year. Today’s prompt gave me a whole load of ideas as to what day I could chose, but I went with this one in the end.

The only thing that really crossed my mind in my being dragged from a blissfully deep sleep was what the hell is that noise? My ringtone was the answer. My scarcely heard ringtone was loudly echoing throughout my otherwise silent room and aggressively vibrating it’s way across the chest of drawers that it was charging on. I yanked it away from the charger and clumsily pushed the answer button before being confronted by someone that was far too chipper to my still almost completely asleep self.

That someone being my best friend. Who was confused by the fact that I sounded asleep.

And then before I knew it I was stumbling down the stairs, still not very awake, and opening the door for her and calling my dad to alert him of the fact that was a person who up until that point he had never before in the house. And I was getting showered and dressed and trying to wake the hell up before I was out of the house within 40 minutes of being woken up.

I was out in the sun and it was before 11. And a Friday.

And there was no plan. How could there be less than an hour ago I was asleep.

So we ended up at the park. Empty on late Friday morning except for a few toddlers who sat at the top of slide with a sense of awe at how high up it was and wanting to be pushed. Then there was us, gently swaying on two swings and trying to think of something to do. The sun warmed us as we gradually gained some height and then  we decided that pizza is the answer as to what we should do with the day.

Pizza is always the answer, but when you’re both hit by sudden hunger it becomes the answer even more.

So pizza buffet it was. And boy was it great. And it also took us to next door to the cinema and we decided to take a visit there after we had eaten because, well we were there now. Only when we took our place at the back of the queue did we remember that we had timed our trip to the cinema on the same day as the final Harry Potter film was released.

Naturally that was what we went to see. Nothing like an impromptu viewing of something guaranteed to make you feel all the things to really solidify a friendship.

Because that is what this day in mid-July all the way back in 2011 did for us. It opened some kind of floodgate that led us to where we are now. It led to mammoth Skype sessions and dual watching The Little Mermaid in two different cities. It led to a late night binge watch of all the Harry Potter films. Sightseeing holidays and so many cocktails.

And all because my slowly breaking phone was telling her that I was reading her messages and she was getting impatient with my lack of reply so she decided that I needed to wake up to No One Mourns the Wicked that morning.

Parentheses count: 0. See you tomorrow!

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