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Writing 101 – Update Your Readers over a Cup of Coffee

Hi, Hey, Hello!

How are you on this Monday morning? Good? Tired? Feeling a little run down? A tad freaked out that we are officially less than a month and a half away from the beginning of a new year? All of the above?

I know I am. All of the above that is.

I have had the murmurings of a cold or something lying low for the past week and I think it is finally catching up with me. Or taking it’s hold. Or doing something that means I am not quite 100%. So I spent a lot of Saturday in bed (oops to waking up bang on noon…), or wrapped up warm over a coffee which is my favourite place to be most of the time. And then I spent yesterday in a onesie, writing and probably whining to myself about a bit ill. Oh, and eating ice cream. All good days include ice cream especially when you can bullshit the excuse for the excessive consumption of it as being “soothing for the sore throat”…

I’m still playing catch up with Nano, because at this point I’m supposed to be at 26,000 words or something and I am very much not there with it. But it’s not the end of the world if I don’t hit the 50,000 target, although I would quite like to a bit more headway with it before the end of the month because I know the idea is there in my head I’m just having a little trouble putting it into words. Saturday proved to be useful in shaking the cobwebs off with the story as I wrote with a gloomy clouded back drop and the chance to watch rain ripple in puddles at a pretty steady pace. So now I am just getting back into a rhythm with it.

Other than that my days pretty much just consist of reading on my commute to and from work, listening to music, working, eating and sleeping. And obviously a (un)healthy amount of procrastination thrown in because I am me and I don’t know how to not do that.

Speaking of reading, I have finally hit a stride with that as well and I am hoping that will continue as I look at the books I have left to read this year and all of them are pretty sizeable (I really didn’t think that through well and by the time I realised we had reached the final quarter of the year…) and I am kind of still very much going for this reading challenge at the moment. There is a very large possibility that when I finish work for the year that I will just exist in a reading bubble for 8 days and get it done that way. We’ll see.

And I think that’s brought you up to speed. By the time this posts I may very well have braved the coffee machine and made myself a (most likely, I might get lucky) below par latte and will be very caffeinated. Or I will soon be on my way to that state. Either way it’s Monday and you can bet your bottom dollar that I will be drinking coffee today.

Hope you have a great week people! See you tomorrow!

(Parentheses count: 5)

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