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Writing 101 – Writing and Not Writing

Hi, Hey, Hello!

I am currently in the middle of a quick day off work so I imagine I will spend my time writing because I will have allllll afternoon to do so (which also means I have all afternoon to FINALLY catch up on all that stuff I keep meaning to watch…so we’ll see which way this pans out). But speaking of writing, this leads me on nicely to today’s prompt.

‘Writing and not writing’

Sometimes it feels like when I’m not writing I am just sleeping. And even then I wake up in the middle of the night with a sentence that I can do something in my head with, so…

I guess in some ways I’m kind of always writing. Or thinking about writing. Or thinking about ideas that I could maybe write something about. My brain has this constant conveyor belt of ideas and some of them stick and come with them a whole set of possibilities that I can try and do something with and others just fall off the edge never to be seen (or thought in this case) again (which to be honest is probably for the best).

I have so many A4 pages tucked away in my main writing notebook (because, yes I have several all for different purposes) that are just full of really quickly thought out and hastily scribbled down ideas that I am highly unlikely to do anything with at the moment because I have no idea what the hell I was on about at the time (in case it wasn’t obvious a lot of them came to me in the late hours when I was supposed to be getting ready for bed). I might try to do something with them one day. Who knows (probably not though, some of them are truly terrible ideas to be honest).

As for not writing?

Well when I’m not doing that I am aimlessly spending time on the internet (*whispers* shopping) or having a good old binge watch of something. And more recently carefully colouring in the lines and watching colour methodically bleed onto a page. And obviously reading. Which in turn inspires me to write some more.

So I do.

But I wouldn’t have that any other way because there is a certain sense of calm that comes with sitting down, largely shutting the world out, and just letting the words flow.

Parentheses count: 7. See you tomorrow!

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