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I’m gonna take a little break from the book review things. I took a break from this blog because most of my writing energy seemed to be more geared towards The Thing (I feel like I should mention, this doesn’t have a title  because we all know that I am terrible at them and so it’s the last thing I am thinking about, so for now it’s called that) and well as such I feel like for some reason I need to give an update on this.

Also, it’s April and that also means that it is currently Camp Nano. Which, yeah I am kind of doing this month. I’m not aiming for anything crazy or anything but I am going to try and bolster my word count as much as I can. There is a part of me that is hoping to get a very rough first draft of this thing done by the end of summer. Although when I had that thought the other week it instilled fear into my core and caused me break out into a hot flush. But it’s an goal I have currently set and so it is one that I am working towards.

However since I took that blogging break of mine I have hardly done anything to contribute to its word count.


I got more inspired for blog posts, which I knew would happen, when I took an active break from here. I started writing book reviews as I finished the books. I started setting up a queue and putting posts together so that I could have as much of a buffer on here as I could.

I convinced myself that it was all so that I would have no excuses to not write The Thing.

And you know, in some ways it did work.

Don’t get me wrong, I have looked at The Thing in that time.

Quite a bit.

I’ve had flashes of ideas for it and I have put them into words as best as I could whenever I could. It means that the story is now taking on a form that it didn’t have when the idea first came to mind.

I think the turn that its taken is for the better though. It feels kind of terrifying because I was so sure as to what it was and then I completely changed it and didn’t know what to do about it.

It means that I need to plan it a lot more. I need to really live in the world that I am creating and get a strong grip on it is and what everything means and how all these characters interact with each other. I need to so much groundwork it’s unreal.

And so that is why I felt perfectly fine with the fact that even through I took a break to work on The Thing and then worked on the very blog that I took a break from. I love both things equally and so it made sense to me that I try and get as big a buffer as possible as I could on the one that moves a bit quicker than the other so that I could then just dedicate all the time that I could to the other one.

There was a part of me that was worried about the burnout element of it, but the two exist in different realms in my head and require very different words from me, if that makes any sense in the slightest. I think the problem with the burnout is that I was just putting so much pressure on myself and that in turn caused the shut down.

But the break allowed me to view as two separate things that needed different parts of me and so I could divvy up the time accordingly.

So the writing update is that The Thing has actually had very few words added to it in the grand scheme of things, but I’m okay with that. The blog has posts scheduled through until May. So, I’m doing okay.

Parentheses count: 0. See you tomorrow!


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