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Yorktown (The World Turned Upside Down)

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Happy Saturday people! I went for a change of scenery with the writing of these posts today as they either happen on a train, in my living room or more recently in my lunch break. I actually had some time today so I went cliche about it. Anyway, done rambling and I will see you later…

‘We move under cover and we move as one through the night’

If Sadie had had it her way then they would not be doing this now. They would be doing it when they could see more than 3 metres in front of them and could actually navigate the terrain without living in slight fear that someone would misplace a step and then fall to either their death or a broken spine. But apparently they ‘needed the darkness to save their backs.’

Sadie could argue that they would probably have the same level of cover in the middle of the day because the area is made up of a lot of woodland and the trees are so aggressive in their growth that they would make the perfect cover regardless of the time of day. But that argument fell on deaf ears. The majority, for some unknown reason, were into the romanticism of doing this under the cover of night, which Sadie couldn’t understand because it actually made them more susceptible to being caught then if the sun was up.

Their mission was simple, for them at least.  They had to steal something and extract a hostage. It didn’t require 8 of them, but Sadie wasn’t going to be the person to suggest that. Once Matt got an idea in his head no one could really convince him it was a bad one. Sadie had tried many times over the years, but eventually resigned herself to the fact that Matt was always going to think he was right. She ignored the fact that he usually was, because to her that was merely a coincidence and mainly the result of the fact that as a group they were formidable these days, to her it ultimately had nothing to do with him. Matt was the mastermind behind this whole operation and the reason that they were all freezing their asses off in the dark trying not to fall over on one another or break an ankle.

Sadie kind of hated being there. The darkness was not her friend. While she could appreciate Matt’s angle that they have the cover of darkness meaning that they could in theory have more of a stealth attack and get out before anyone even knew they were there, it left them vulnerable.

The darkness has turned against her once before. Her team at the time had waited until the sun had set and the moon was shining ominously over the world. Just sat there like sitting ducks, but were foolish enough to believe that no one had noticed them lurking as close to the shadows as they could get. They never even saw it coming. They heard the first shot being fired, but it echoed and ricocheted off the terrain around them and made it impossible for them to pinpoint its origin. Then there were three more shots in quick succession, none of them came from the same direction meaning that there was more than one shooter, covering them from every angle possible. They had been sat in the same place in plain sight for hours on end because apparently night cover made it easier for them to get in and get out. But in actual fact it had made them targets. It had given the place they were trying infiltrate time to assemble and start picking them off one by one.

Sadie watched every single one of her team get picked off for sport. The shots came in clean, hit the target and killed on impact. Except for the one that hit Sadie. She had figured out roughly where they were coming from, noticed that they were happening in a pattern. She anticipated where the one that was going to be directed at her was going to come from. That’s what she was good at, why everyone kept her around. She missed her bullet narrowly. Let it embed itself into the flesh of her upper thigh. It still caused excruciating pain and the shock of the bullet still sent her to the floor, where she played dead. She didn’t think whoever the culprits were would bother coming down to check whether or not they had successfully eliminated them all, but she didn’t want to take the chance. She lay there like that until morning, where she was forced to confront the destruction of the night before.

That was an image that she couldn’t shake as they were moving in a tight knit group towards their location. She kept having flashbacks to the sounds and the echo, they haunted her most nights but were particularly loud in her ears with every leaf that crunched underfoot and every breath that came out too loud. She knew this one wasn’t the same as the last one that took place in the same eerie glow of the moonlight, for one they hadn’t spent hours sitting in the sun scoping out the area before they finally made their move. In fact they hadn’t been anywhere near this area physically until now. This team of people were more trained than the last one she was on. And Matt was good at what he did, Sadie knew that he would have thought of every possibility imaginable. He was better at worst case scenario-ing things than she was. They all had each others backs and Sadie could already pick up sound cues from outside their group of 8. If for whatever reason they were ambushed she would be able to pinpoint where it was coming from a lot quicker. She knew the terrain they were moving through a lot better, she had studied it, figured out all the possible locations that they could be attacked from. She had studied and studied and deep down she knew that she could cope with this.

The darkness was throwing her though. She definitely would have preferred to be doing this with the glaringly obvious yellow of the sun and not a shimmery white light. But she couldn’t let that continue to deter her. There were people counting on her.

And then the first shot was fired. It went wide of any of them by a long way but it forced them all to pay attention, especially Sadie. Matt looked straight at her and without hesitating she said: ‘Northwest, high up, shit shooter.’

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