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It is finally (almost the end of) Friday, and I say finally because for three days (including today) I was convinced that it was Friday and so it made for great disappointment every time I remembered that it was in fact not the end of the week. Bring on the bank holiday, please and thank you.

‘I will not equivocate on my opinion I have always worn it on my sleeve’

They were always good at arguments, they knew the perfect way to dismantle the other one and leave them in a quivering pile. They almost took it it turns to deliver the final blow, came to a weird silent agreement in the middle of all the rowing as to who was going to get that final hit. The last words that always led to doors being slammed, incoherent shouts being cried out into the silence, a silence so tense that you could almost see it.

This one was different though, everyone around them could sense it. This one wasn’t resolved with a small gesture that signalled that all had been forgiven in a matter of seconds. This one led to one leaving the room the moment the other entered. It led to stunted questions and muted responses. It led to a complete breakdown in communication between a pair where that had never been an issue.

And with that came a change in their characters. They became withdrawn and quiet. They were now quick to snap at other people, quick to dismiss them, no longer open to discussion. Guarded.

This brought with it a newfound tension for everyone around them. They lived in slight fear of mentioning the others name in case it caused a reaction that no one knew how to deal with. They didn’t know what they could or couldn’t say. Whether they could address the elephant in the room or if they could suggest that they try and talk it out. They didn’t even really know what made this time different from the other ones, but they knew they couldn’t ask. They figured it was better to err on the side of caution then make it worse.

The longer the battle continued the more it became apparent that there was never going to be a white flag waved on either side. This wasn’t going to just be another one of those petty sibling arguments. There was no ending.

As the months passed it got easier for those around them. People became accustomed to adapting seating plans at big events accordingly. Kept them on opposite ends and never made them spend time in any closed quarters outside of their house. Any smaller gathering involved alternating which one was invited. It meant that a lot more thought had to go into the planning, as second nature had to be unlearned, but over time it got easier. Everyone learned to live with it.

They went their separate ways after finishing their exams and fell in with different groups of people. They found themselves again and those closest to them noticed the changes. They were slowly returning to the version of themselves that they only brought out when they were together before.

Without each other.

The development was both a cause of concern for those around them and one that brought about relief. It alleviated some of the tension.  They still wouldn’t talk to one another, but they were freer than before. Less likely to snap at people, more relaxed should they ever end up in the same room as each other.

Different to before and yet also the same.

They never really find their way back to one another, but they find a way to be happy again.

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